I think I broke it.....

I need help from somone, I have two hard drives installed in my computer, one is a vista 64 install, and the other is a XP home install. I have always gone into my bios and just switched the boot priority to change os'. Last night I installed windows 7 as a custom (not over) my xp install as the beta os experience is always a frustrating one, but I did want to check it out. And of corse this is where the problem comes in, Windows 7 has decided that I shouldnt be allowed to switch my drives in bios anymore, Windows 7 boots regardless of wether its partition 0 or 1, so I can no longer access my vista install, and I havent been able to find out any info about uninstalling Windows 7. Can somone please tell me if there is a way to make 7 only boot if its on partition 0 and if not is there a way to uninstall windows 7? To anyone reading this is why you do not decide on a whim to install an os at 1am lol

:edit: almost forgot, I dont know if it helps but its build 7077

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Try to make startup repair with vista or win 7 DVD. It should make to be able to choose in which OS to boot in.
Or remove HDD with win 7 and then edit boot.ini in XP or Vista

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Thanks man, forgot about that function all together, once I repaired my vista drive it now gives me a boot option menu when I start up to either load windows 7 or vista. So all in all that works out exactly how I wanted it to be, thanks a million!

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