Icons on desktop have changed from programs pictures to little squares

I have a Dell Inspiron with Intel Core I5. After Microsoft installed some updates, all the program and file shortcuts changes to a little square with dots. The same thing happens with shortcuts pinned to the taskbar. How can I get the pictures back? The computer ran a system back-up after this happened, but the desktop was already changed. If I restore the original system back-up from the disk will I lose the information I have added to the computer since then? Thanks.


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Hi Paperdoll1787 and Welcome.

First thing to try is to delete your iconcache.db (C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\IconCache.db) and your thumbnails cache through Disk CleanUp and then reboot. If the probem persists can you please show us an image by using the snipping tool and attaching to your post.

if iwere you In would try to reinstall the program. This happened to me after an update i just went to add remove programs and repaired the installation of the program

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