Icons will not delete


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Hi Gang

Well it has been a while since I have posted on here, because things were ruining smooth for the longest time. Till now. :)

I will try to make this a short as possible but still give you enough info to figure this out hopefully.

I have several Icons/programs that I cannot remove from my desk top, let me reword that a little. I can remove them and if I restart the computer or reboot they are back. One of them is Safari, I installed it and attached it to the taskbar thinking I was really going to use it, changed my mind. Ok so I used Revo to uninstall it, so far so good, rebooted and its back. Ok tried using CCleaner to uninstall it, ok its gone, rebooted its back. Tried several other ways of removing it, no luck. I used windows uninstaller, same thing. I can go into my program files and delete it that way, same thing. I looked in the registry, and I cannot find any of them there. When they are there you can click on them, and they work, they are not like empty Icons.

So I am think the only way I am going to get rid of them is to redo my OS. I am running Win 7 Ultimate. Can i do a repair with it like you could with XP, or is there a better way.?

I also am having a problem with my Office Outlook 2010, that seems to have started right at the same time. I have like 20/30 emails that I will mark read, and delete some, dump the deleted e-mails, clean out the junk mail, and everything is ok going in and out of my E-mail, but just like the icons, as soon as I reboot the computer, not only does the Icons come back, the mail comes back too. I don't know if this can be connected or not, it just seems funny this started happening with the Icons the same time the mail started acting up.


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