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    I have Windows 7 ultimate x64:
    1. Desktop:
    1.1. LAN-connection (192.168.x.x net)
    1.2. VPN thru this LAN for Internet (dynamic IP)
    1.3. WIFI-connection for notebook comunication (
    2. Notebook:
    2.1. WIFI-connection to desktop (
    2.2. VPN thru desktops LAN for Internet (dynamic IP)

    I want to share LAN on my desktop for notebook - in LAN-adapter properties I set first checkbox in access page, and select wifi-adapter in bottom field. After that internet on my desktop don't works - VPN-connection established, but for example "ping google.com" - don't work. Notebook sees LAN and Internet fine.

    If i disable ICS on LAN - notebook not sees LAN and Internet, but on desktop Internet works fine.

    On Windows XP Pro same configuration works fine with Internet on both computers.

    How to enable Internet on both computers under Windows 7 ?


    PS: Sorry for my bad english.
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    seems like you are trying to use whats known as a bridged connection, not sure if the bridge can work properly when going between Ethernet and Wifi, but at least the theory is there...I think you have to assign the wifi as bridge to the LAn rather than ICS it otherwise your trying to have 2 ICS connections on different Ip ranges which wont work, thus produces your results.
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