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I got an email from Microsoft stating that the final release of IE 8 was finished and ready to use. So I did and noticed that the time that IE took to load up was considerably longer than IE RC 1. Then I found out that I should have uninstalled RC 1 first before the install of the new IE 8. So I went back and uninstalled it and rebooted and then download the new IE 8 again and still the same problem of taking so long to load at startup. With RC 1 it would load in just over 1 second. The new IE 8 took almost 7 seconds to load. So is any body else out there using the new IE 8 and experiencing the same type of issue as I am.

I'm not. Mine works perfect. As a matter of fact I have had no issues with it at all, unlike RC1 and 2.


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The version I use is the default win 7(build 7057) version and seems fine. It has yet to lock-up and load times are around a few milliseconds.

You may need to un-install it again then do a real good clean out of old files/temp files and a reg cleaner. Then try installing again and it should ok.

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