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Hi, I think this is the correct forum to post this and I will try to explain my issue as clearly as possible.

When running IE8 if you're on a site and you click a link that creates a pop up window, I cannot find a way to make this pop up window bigger or even full screen? For games especially. Is there a way to do this? I had XP before I installed the win7 RC and the IE on that was fine.

If I uninstall IE8 and install the IE version 6 or 7 that was on my XP will it be ok or will it be still the same?

I hope people understand what I mean!

Double click on the top blue bar, that will make the window bigger


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Some sites are like this, they somehow disable the Maximize button with code or it simply doesn't work.

It's mainly advertising suites that do this.

Or are you saying this pertains to all pop ups?

Have you tried Firefox?


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adduncan means the title bar

May or may not work, I'm not sure.

You could also hit the F11 key

I think I understand what you are getting at, Megan_OS. You want the next opened window to open as full screen, or at least larger, when you right-click and choose "Open in New Window" yes? Some links automatically open into another window, but many will just open in another tab. Try making an IE window large, then close it. This should save the last known size of IE and so new IE windows will open at that size. You can try the same with having it maximised as well.

Also, IE6 and IE7 are not available for Windows 7. Windows 7 only comes with Internet Explorer 8, and can not use prior versions. However, IE8 does have a "compatability" mode where you can make pages render and react like older versions of IE. You can try that also. However be aware, that some sites (especially games) will purposely tell the browser to open another window of a certain size. IE (and most other browsers as well) will attempt to follow that request.

How is Window 7 working for you? Everything else good?

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