IE10 useage in Windows 8


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May 1, 2008
I was disappointed when I first began to use IE10. I felt they had got ahead of the game. Several sites I visit threw problems at me, and I found multitasking more than one instance of IE, caused it to freeze. I know, Tabbing can be used, but it is my preference to cross read items that way .Anyhow, I elected to select "compatibility" mode for all sites. The problems all went away. I am quite impressed, now, with IE10's performance.
I was also somewhat disappointed with the performance aspects of IE10, however I have since found a work around and am enjoying it in the same fashion as I do IE 9 (second choice). It's unfortunate to see it doesn't play well with the visual editor on the site right now, however we'll continue to look into this. I'd really like some changes to functionality and features now though, considering this version is really nothing more than a sweet polished IE 9 with more web feature support. Oh and by the way Dave, welcome to - great to see a veteran on the site.
One thing we have to understand, this is a very early development preview version that is not ready for prime time at all. Normally we masses of users would not even be allowed to see or use this new OS at this stage of development. Yes there are problems with certain sites, and yes you have to use compatibility mode on certain sites. I have found that it's easier for me for now to use the Desktop View since this gives me the view I am accustomed to. I am also getting on in years so adapting to new concepts and ideas takes me a while. The whole Win 8 experience is new so I'm trying to get accustomed to it a little at a time.
Eventually I got around the interface nav problem by installing the global Administrator and another user. With the user, I am using the vanilla install, with the new interface. Whenever I get stuck, I switch users, which takes about 5seconds and use the Admin, where I have all my usual software installed and have dumped the Metro. I do try and keep to the new interface as much as possible, though.
Originally I found a minor irritation with IE 10 which I detailed in this thread. I have since downloaded and installed Chrome which eliminates this problem. I do realize this is a very early preview of this new browser and will be awaiting a fix from MS.
HI, I don't know if I have just missed something but as soon as I started using IE10, I can't play anything that needs flash, even though I installed the latest version. If I go to a site like YouTube it says I need the latest version of Flash. Have I just missed something??
The metro version of Internet Explorer does not feature add-on support. This is to make the browser as fast and efficient as possible. Opening normal desktop IE should solve that. There's no known workaround for this, and with HTML5 video becoming increasingly popular it soon won't be an issue at all.
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I simply added Firefox to 8CP, all is fine. Ever since yesterday around noon, it's the only OS that I've used except for 30 minutes. I had to place an order, and though I felt OK, having ESET Endpoint Security Suite (Beta) installed, I didn't want to take the chance.

As far as IE goes, what little I did use it, it prompted me to install the Adobe Flash Player, I did. Being that I prefer the latest versions of Flash on my computers, I found it on File Hippo. Notice the related Flash download versions on down the page.

Download Flash Player RC 1 (IE) -

File Hippo has an Update Checker that you can manually run, it finds updates for many, but not all, programs.

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