IE11 fails to go to links

I'm using Win7 Pro on a five year old Toshiba Satellite laptop.
In my online email (via Cox Communications, Cox WebMail), I wish to click on a web link in the email and go to that web site.
Recently Internet Explorer 11 fails to do that. When I click on the link it takes me to a blank page.
It fails the same way when I click on a link in a reply in this WindowsForum.
But it works fine from within Outlook on my machine.
It appears to be a problem only online.
I went back to IE10 figuring the problem would go away, but the same problem occurs in IE10.
As I recall, it never happened until a few months ago. I don't recall making any software changes then.
The problem does not occur in Mozilla Firefox or in Google Chrome, but I'd prefer to use IE.
Anyone have any ideas?

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