Windows 7 IE8 RC1 -- Annoying Prompt when starting - Fixed


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Hi guys
W7 32 Bit build 7022 with IE8 RC1.
If you get that annoying message whne you start IE8 "Internet Explorer is running with addons disabled" here's how to get rid of it.

Close all IE sessions except ONE.
Click on Tools====>Internet Options===>Advanced

Now click on the RESET button towards the bottom of th popup and follw the instructions.

Annoying Prompt has gone.

(This fix also works in IE8 RC1 on XP, and VISTA) Note 32 bit versions. I haven't tested IE8 RC1 with a 64 Bit OS yet.
IE8 on W7 X-64 is still at BETA level where the problem doesn't occur (other problems however).