Windows 7 IE8 some web sites don't load. Vista IE7 OK


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Jan 20, 2009
Hi guys
This doesn't have a problem with Firefox but some websites just don't load in IE8
for example (might work for you however)

Same problem in Vista X-64 -- IE7 was OK however.

SAP developer network - SAP is very large ERP software - don't worry if you don't know or have never used it but it's HUGE in large corporations and does everything from Finance ti E-recruiting and portals

Here's the URL of what won't load -- IE8 just says DONE but no screen

No prob on firefox -- might be something to do with certificate or the https protocol
Any idea anyone

I tried it in IE8 and got the Intenet Explorer cannot display this page.

As you said, Firefox has no problem and doesn\t even ask for a certificate.

I've visited some other secure sites and they work fine.
I also tried your link and got a cannot connect message.....

I've also found another website that doesn't work right with IE works fine with FireFox, but with IE 8, when I try to read a message, a white screen pops up and blocks the page. This is at a site called "Ranger-Forums" where they talk about Ford Ranger's the link...


Other than this one website, IE 8 is working great for me !!
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Cannot access specific urls with IE8 on Windows 7

I cannot access the same url,, nor can I access SAPs Service Marketplace within IE8. Very annoying.

OK, but my Windows 7 machine is currently down so I don't know if this option is available in Windows 7

Try going to Control Panel > System, click Advanced Settings, the under Performance click Settings. Click the Data Execution Prevention tab and turn off DEP for Internet Explorer. If it's not in the list, browse to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer and select iexplore.exe to add it to the list.

Again, I'm basing this on Vista's help file, so it may be a little different in Windows 7.
Hi all -- the RC1 version of IE8 fixes the problem (both on VISTA and W7 Build 7022). Also works on XP for those interested --you can download IE8 RC1 for VISTA and XP.

IE8 RC1 is integrated into W7 Build 7022 (only 32 bit version available).

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