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IE9 shipped on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 9PM PST (UTC-8). Our fearless dev leader Duncan mentioned to me over lunch today that he thought it would be a really good idea to provide a single post on 9 with links to good C9 content related to IE9 (we tend to go out early on 9 and some of our best IE9 content was released well before RTM or RTW...). I agree. Good thinking, Duncan. Good thinking.

So, here goes. The following links provide a well-rounded view of IE9, from the moment we let the world know that we were cooking up a new modern browser (PDC09) to when we announced the RTM/RTW of IE9 and thanked the tens of thousands of you who provided the actionable feedback necessary for the IE team to deliver the very best:

Short IE9 Feature Demos/Talks from IE team PMs (for those with short attention spans):

JavaScript-focused conversations with an emphasis on Chakra (the IE9 JavaScript VM) and EcmaScript5. If you have downloaded IE9 and surfed around the web, then you can see the Chakra team has made tremendous progress in IE9 -> IE's new JS VM is now on par with the rest of the industry's leading JS VMs and in some cases even faster! Well done, Chakra team! Well done!

Some engineering insights and history related to IE9's Windows-capable design (runs close to the metal or takes advantage of the underlying hardware through native interactions with Windows...). IE9 runs closer to the metal than any other browser that runs on Windows. In some sense, IE9 runs directly through Windows. Surf on metal, my friend. Surf on metal.

Feel free to add your own links to content that you find most interesting related to IE9.

Enjoy and download IE9!!


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