IF Only You

Many may, already, know this...

IF you are the only person accessing your Desktop PC
IF you have no reason to think it could or would be used by another person, certainly not w/out you knowing.
IF it 'demands' a P/W @ Bootup
IF you would rather not bother w/ that...

> cmd (Admin)
Type, control userpasswords2
In the dialogue box, UNcheck the checked box (demands P/W or not)
In the (Name) dialogue box type P/W twice
Clk OK.
Clk OK. (in 1st dialogue box)

Do NOT do this if a laptop or ever, even possibly, a shared PC



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I recently posted this tip but an easier way is to open the run app and type 'Netplwiz' without quotes. Uncheck the users must sign box and fill in your details.. Taa Daa!

Yes, either way works to accomplish the exact same thing.

Can, also, just type netplwiz on the Start screen ( somewhere)

Either gets to the check box. Thanks, Ross for we have now given people both methods.


thanks for info guys, i will definitively use this if i get myself in mentioned unpleasant situation..

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