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New Member
May 11, 2013
Ok, I got an i5 hd4000 graphics cpu on a Giggabite z77- motherboard, a tech guy said to me that I would need a graphics card to play the latest games (which is what I want to do but he was probably saying it for his benefit as well since he's a salesman), but I said that my intel hd4000 should be fine for now, but he said that my graphics were coming from my onboard graphics card not my cpu, what does he mean by this? HELP, I don't even know what i'm using now
Your graphics do come from your graphics card, but your whole system is integrated = your CPU and your memories as well as even your hard disks and even your cables may affect the whole.

Your mobo and CPU should do fine with games. Of course... what's fine and fine?

Link Removed will give you info you can further. Technical.

About games, try Can You RUN It | Can I run that game | Game system requirements --- It'll roughly show you if your system is capable.
The integrated graphics might be fine some applications. I use it for my Home Theater PC and it works fine to reproduce video. But it doesn't have much power for more demanding applications, such as gaming.

I suppose the real test is if the game will work with it. But you will probably need a discrete card which has more, and its own video memory.