Windows 7 I'm forward to upgrade my PC


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Aug 5, 2012
I was planing to spent my money for upgrading my PC, first ill start with adding coolers, in my case, there have 4 places for 120mm coolers and i'm thinkin of buying them but im not sure if i can hook them to power, because 1 120mm cooler i have now, is using power from a "4 pin peripheral power cable", and there is one free so i can hook one more, but what about the 2 who lefts, where can i hook them.

be fast please, tnx in advance.:confused:

the 3 i'll buy, maybe, will come with "floppy drive power cable". anyway still i want to know where can i hook them.

btw if u need to know i have "foxconn a6vmx motherboard" heres a picture
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Adding 4 new fans seems like overkill.

At any rate, to answer your question, you can get splitters (Y-cables) for the power supply to power two fans.
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