Windows 11 Im new to PC stuff and was wondering if this is normal RAM usage.

Nov 4, 2021
Ive just got this GF66 Laptop and ever since i first booted this bad boy up i was always at 50% ram usage just from the factory boot!! and now it sits at 70% all the time with no games running and a couple apps on.. Is this normal?? Im also getting 16 gb of ram will this greatly reduce the ram being used??? here is some images thanks for the help everyone!! and im running windows 11. ((and theres always like 10 instance of Edge opened all the time like you can see even if i restart or end the task they still multiply themself??? WTH!!))

There is no normal especially when you talk about systems from manufacturers since they tend to come preloaded with a lot of crap. I would say for most daily driver use cases 8GB of ram is plenty. If you're a gamer or use the system for intensive activity like compiling code, rendering, or gaming then more will be better. RAM is meant to be used so high percentages are not really a bad thing. It can impact the performance if your RAM utilization gets about 92% and stays that high. This will lead to context thrashing which is when the CPU has to constantly swap memory content since there is no more free RAM.

RAM is also pretty cheap and easy to add or replace in most cases.
as a side issue get rid of Norton as anything... or even nothing, is better than having that installed on your system
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