I'm planning on buying a new PC and use Adobe Premiere CS5 on it...

... and so I have a few questions. As you can see I'm new to this site, so bear with me!

1. I know 64-bit Windows is preferred when you plan to use Adobe Premiere CS5, which is a demanding video editing program. But which one of these is better to work with; a laptop, a Desktop PC or a so called All-in-One PC?

2. Can you please recommend the ideal system requirements?? Or can you recommend a specific model??

Thanks in advance!!:razz:

I would suggest a mid-range desktop machine with at least 1080p video and 24 bit audio.

The video card will be the key to success in video editing. Spend the mondy on top of the line NVidia, you'll be glad you did.

The sound system also matters as you want "better than plastic" for your studio system. Look into home theatre amplifiers from high end manufacturers like Marantz or Yamaha, use Polk Audio or Boston acoustics for your speakers.

CPU/system wise AMD X4 seems plenty good enough. It's memory you'll want in gobs... 16 gigs or better if you don't want it continuously swapping to disk. (AV systems should actually be run without swap files whenever possible... swapping is the #1 cause of frame drops in HD video.)


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A lot depends on what size display you want to have.
I use a Dell 24" Ultra Sharp monitor and I couldn't live with anything less.
I also don't like to look down at my display, I have my monitor on a stand so I can lean back in my chair and look at it straight on, right in the center of my vision.

I do a lot of Graphic Design and some Video Editing using Adobe Premiere Elements 8.

You will want to have a lot of hard disk space, I have 2, 1 terabyte hard drives, I have 8 gigs of ram, but the more the better for video. If you can get 16 that would be great.

As Commontater says a good mid level desktop would be the best fit.
Do some research and make sure you get a good monitor, they aren't all the same.
I don't have a Dell computer, I have a computer from FNW but I'm very happy with my Dell monitor.


Monitor wise I've been using the 24" Asus models with good success.
They also make good bedroom TVs with an ASRock ION 330 as htpc.

I'm quite happy with my ASUS 27T1E. However, you may want to get a monitor with IPS matrix, more expensive though.

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