Impossible to upgrade to windows 10 from 7 Ultimate?


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Hi Gary and everyone else reading this thread,
As promised I concluded the installation test portion of my procedure yesterday.
Reporting back 1st success ever using the Microsoft MCT tool!!:up: :partay:

Thanks for posting that information, Bro!:) Wish I'd know about that last year when I was fooling around with all the different methods of creating a W10 bootable USB stick! The non-SanDisk Verbatim 16GB stick worked perfectly on a Clean Install. I tested the 64bit in both the W10 Home and the W10 Pro options on my W10 test machine and they worked perfectly the first time!:fdance: I'm certain that if I attempt these same 2 install options on a 32bit machine from this same Verbatim USB stick they will both work as well.

I certainly would like to know why SanDisk has suddenly developed this problem?:curious: Anyone reading this who could shed some light on the reason why Win8x and Win10 cannot be used with the MCT tool for use as a bootable USB stick would certainly have some helpful information for our forum users. I suspect it has to do with the massive Kernel redesign of Windows beginning with Win8.

It's also interesting that this problem has been around for about 3 years, since the release of Win8. Probably, I'm just hearing about it since I didn't have a legit Win8 license media as I said in my Posts above describing the problem. Or, I'm just getting old! Ha! :thud:

For folks following this thread, I'll mention that I've been able to create bootable USB sticks on SanDisk brand media for the following: Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7x, Win10, Kubuntu LTS Linux v14.1, and DOS6.1 using various tools. The tool for creating USB sticks for those OSes I used most successfully is the WiNToBootIC.


Thanks @BIGBEARJEDI for your reply. I think @Sonny also replied about Sandisk. I've known it for a while.
My bad for not creating a thread Sooner!! Good reply BBJ:up:


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Not a problem, Forum_Friend!!:D
BBJ :tribal:

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