Impossible to upgrade to windows 10 from 7 Ultimate?

Hey guys Ive been going crazy trying to get Windows 10 to work on my girlfriends computer. Ive done it 2 times successfully on mine with 0 issue and have been working on hers for 3 days now and am no closer than I was at the start

First off
- I have windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and it is definitively Genuine & activated
- I am fully up to date(but have noticed some updates have failed)
- I have disconnected everything from the PC other than the keyboard & mouse so that I can start the update
- I have tried to disable the Display adapter in the device manager
- I have tried a clean boot with no startup or non Microsoft services

Methods I have tried
- Auto update in the bottom right - Just sits for hours and hours with no progress

- Media Creation tool Update this pc now (An unknown command line option [DynamicUpdate] was specified)

- Media Creation tool to make a USB run from within windows (" Configuration sets are only supported when Windows installation is started from windows PE")

- Media Creation tool to make a USB to boot from ("Windows cannot read the <product key> setting from the unattend answer file.")

- An ISO to boot from within windows (" Configuration sets are only supported when Windows installation is started from windows PE")

A clean boot(Deleting everything and installing a fresh copy) Is my last resort and I want to avoid it since a ton of work programs and files have already been installed on the machine and would be a real hassle to have done again.
Even if I go this route I believe I would need a key code which I only have for windows 7 Ult 64 so not sure how this would work.

Any clue on how I can actually get this upgrade?

TLDR: Error message from every installation method, Only methods I havent tried are DVD installation and wipe/clean boot

Hi! Some things you might check that could be stopping the up grade. You could do a chkdsk. You could do a sfc /scannow.
You could check for malware. Make sure you have all the windows up dates. Are you using the Media creation tool on a flash.
If so try creating the Media creation tool again. Other members might reply latter. Did MS say this PC met the requirements!
Please post back with your results. Sorry it seems your thread might have been missed!

Try this:-

Go into Services (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services)
Stop Background Task Infrastructure Service
Stop Windows Update
In Windows Explorer go to C:\windows and look for Software Distribution
Rename this to Software Distribution.old
Go back to Services and start
Background Task Infrastructure Service
Windows Update

Try your update again using the Media Creation Tool -> Update Now


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Hi there,
You don't say which version of Win10 you attempted to upgrade to? Is it Win10 Home or Win10 Pro?:confused: If you attempted to download the Win10 Home ISO file, and install it, it will fail as that is not a legit upgrade path.:noway: Win7 Ultimate has no equivalent upgrade path (i.e. to Win10 Ultimate), as Win10 Ultimate doesn't exist, so therefore you would need to Win10 Pro. If you downloaded the correct ISO file from Microsoft, you have to create a separate Disc or USB stick for each version in either 32bit or 64bit configuration. Is your Win7 Ultimate a 32bit or 64bit? If you don't know about this or didn't know how to find it, that can be yet another problem. If your Win7 Ultimate is 32bit and you downloaded and created a bootable install disc or usb stick with 64bit; it will always fail. You would need to create a bootable install disc or usb stick with 32bit Win10 Pro in that case. Or vice-versa if your Win7 Ultimate was 64bit. You would also have to make sure your computer is the correct CPU type as well. (you can type the keyboard combo *Windows-logo-key+Break key* to bring up your system details windows). This is most likely where you went wrong. The above items are also what cause so many home users to fail when they try to DIY a Win10 upgrade!:ohno:

Furthermore, just so you know, creating a bootable Win10 usb stick with the correct ISO file is no easy task. It took me 6 months in order to figure it out and I've been doing computers for 45 years!! I would stick with trying to burn your ISO file to DVD disc if you have a burner on the machine you are trying to upgrade, or access to a different computer with a DVD burner on it. This is way easier to do. ;)

Those are about 6 ways you might have done your upgrade incorrectly, and if you get really frustrated I suggest you consider taking your girlfriend's computer to a repair shop that employs licensed Techs to do the work (make sure they have an A+ license or better). The upgrade will cost from $50-$150 in the U.S.; could be 2-3 times that if you live outside the U.S.

Best of luck to you,:encouragement:


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Hi Gary,
Yeah, and I did run into this post and tons of others. Their information is inacurrate unfortunately. I'm pretty sure whoever put this post together didn't actually try it on actual computers. o_O
Also, the author says you can use either a 4GB or 8GB USB stick, and that has been well documented not to work! :down:
Re-read my Post about the file size of the W10 ISO file you download from the Microsoft MCT download page. He doesn't mention the file size anywhere in his Post. That's because he's never tried it!:eek:. Nice try However.

BBJ :zoned:

HI BBJ I had no problem creating a flash which I used to upgrade 3 PCs beside my own.
Here's screen shot friend. I guess I got lucky


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Hi Gary,

Interesting. I've heard of a few other guys able to create the W10 bootable usb stick with Rufus & MCT, but to date, I have not been able to duplicate it. It's good to know you were able to do so.:) As I had indicated to you previously, I don't recommend procedures or software that I don't personally use and can confirm they work. :noway:

We'll see whether the OP can duplicate your Amazing feat! :D And I noticed that you happened to use a 16GB usb stick as I had to. The linked article you posted said you could do it on a 4GB or 8GB stick. I've yet to see anyone do that and be able to personally verify. Hopefully, if OP is reading this he will attempt on a 16GB stick first, rather than waste his time on a 4GB or 8GB stick, whether he uses my method or yours.;) :teeth:

p.s. I did see this link in your POST #9 back in 2015, tried it about as soon as it was posted. No Bueno on multiple PC's and Laptops! But, thanks for that.


Hi BBJ I recommend a 16 GB PNY flash! There was no method. I simply plugged the flash in and the file down loaded on my flash, just like the last link showed. No Rufus. No MCT;)
I should get me another PNY and make a 32bit. It has been my experience that the brand makes a lot of difference with flash drives, just like some CD/DVDs. Go cheap and you get what you pay for. I always go for PNY,but there are other good brands also!
I wait for sales. Usually you can pick up a 16GB for 10$ or 12$ I have always had good luck with PNY;):)
PS! You may be right on about 4 and 8 GBs. Go for the 16GB


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Hi Gary: I use SanDisk Cruzer Glides almost exclusively, and that's what I tried on all the W10 usb sticks. SanDisk invented the technology and holds most of the patents which folks like PNY and Kingston pay Royalties to on each and every stick they sell. So you can see I'm using top-of-the line usb sticks. Occasionally, I will use knockoffs (the really cheap Taiwanese ones) to test with, but not for production use. When I get time, I'll try one of your methods again and see what result I get.

BBJ :up:

Hi Friend! I have seen on aother help forums where the W10 MCT would not work with a SanDisk flash drive. That was a long time ago and I would have to do a search to see if I could find that. I might not even be welcome on that help forum where I saw that.:rofl:
I know SanDisks are popular. I only post what I hear and I have no prof. I will search latter and see if I can find where a user was using SanDisk and it wouldn't down load MCT.;) I might even make you a PNY fan BBJ:rofl:

Hi BBJ I found this! This is the best I can do at this time!;):(
Here's the link! Windows 10 media creation tool can't find USB
I was having the exact same issue reported here. I read in another forum about Windows not recognizing Sandisk drives for the creation of recovery drives, with the recommendation to try another brand. I just succeeded in creating my Win10 installation USB drive simply by using the only non-Sandisk thumb drive I had, which happened to be a Toshiba. It worked on one of the front USB 3.0 ports on my system, too!

So, it appears that, for some mysterious reason, Windows 8.1 (maybe other versions as well) will happily recognize Sandisk USB drives, write to them, and read from them, but won't create recovery drives or installation drives on them


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Hi Gary,
Very interesting. Thanks for posting that link!:D This is the first I'm hearing of a problem with SanDisk on either 8.1 or 10 as far as creating a bootable USB stick goes. I have never attempted to create a bootable 8.1 stick, as I don't own a real 8.1 license on any of the computers I have here. I do have an 8.1 bootable DVD disc for 8x, and I use that for 8x repairs etc. I think I did mention that I DID get my SanDisk 16GB to work with W10 bootable ISO, but neither the Microsoft MCT nor RUFUS, nor any other tool I've seen (I've tried pretty much all of them!) works. But, my favorite and recommended USB burning tool, WiNToBootIC does work on W10 and SanDisk combo.;)

I do use PNY, and have for many years, just not for Master bootable OS sticks or primary backups--:encouragement:only use SanDisk for that and my reasons why in previous post.

I do have a Verbatim 16GB stick brand new in package I bought on sale sitting on my desk in front of me, so maybe I'll give the MCT method a try on that stick as it's a non-SanDisk and let you know how it goes. I'll try to do over the weekend.:blow:


Hi BBJ! Not up to date on this SanDisk problem. MS may have patched the problem by now. I know Stephen Boots is a big dog on MS. He's the one that wrote the post about SanDisk!
Dangled with him a long time ago about the Windows back up image option. I finally gave up and discovered Macrium Reflect and never looked back.
I love my Macrium Reflect! I've always used PNY and never had a problem. I have several in my drawer that are bootable. One with W7 factory.
Probably won't ever need it. I'm really liking W10! I'm learning a lot on the forum and hope I'm helping a little. This is a great help forum!
Thanks for your reply!


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Sure thing..I'm pretty sure you don't like Macrium as much as I do:wink:; after fooling around with all the various programs on the market for almost 20 yrs. such as Norton Ghost, Clonezilla, and the like. To finally find one that works reliably across all brands of hardware platforms and desktops as well as laptops. Wow!:up: Yes, I'm more of a super-fan. These days, no computer I work on to repair or build from scratch goes out of here without a final Macrium image backup.:encouragement:

We are in complete agreement about the quality of this forum, it's admins, and other forum volunteers!

BBJ :bighug:


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Hi Gary,

Update for you on this. I found a Verbatim USB 16GB stick, and used the link shown in your Redmond Pie article which takes you the Microsoft MCT download page. I created the stick successfully. Am now backing up 1 of my 2 hard drives in my W10 test machine (Dell Dimension E520 desktop), and after that's done, I'll do a Clean Install from the newly created Verbatim stick and see if it works or not. I'm going to attempt doing the W10 Home install first, and if that works, I'll then try to do a W10 Pro install over it. The MCT tool has now added the option of including BOTH 32bit and 64bit installs on the same USB stick!:ohyea: They did that on the ISO file, but you have to burn separate DVD discs (I think I mentioned that before), one Disc for 32bit, and one Disc for 64bit. I have both of those, and have tested installs on multiple machines.

I'll get back with you later today or tomorrow and let you know if I had any luck. If so, your links and intuition about the problem with SANDISK USB drives not working with the MCT tool can be confirmed by me also. This summer I hope to purchase a Win8.1 legit retail media and try this same experiment on W8.1 as you also have noted doesn't always work with SANDISK too.

Hopefully this will help other forum users who have encountered W10 UBS stick creation with the MCT tool as I did.

BBJ :bighug:

:up::worship::very_drunk:<:o) Thanks for the up date!


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I have had same problem with Sandisk USB drives. I have bought a Toshiba 16 gb drive that is working great. My Sandisk drive is relegated to just storing pictures and music on. It works for that but not to good on ISO's.

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