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Hello all,
We recently upgraded to windows 7 due to Citrix not being supported by XP in the future and ever since we have our Infopath 2007 has been playing up.
We are unable to save any of the current templates (though we can submit to email etc) and when trying to amend or change anything in the design of a template it tells me that I cannot save it "Infopath cannot save the following form:...... Access has been denied"
Can anyone help as to why I am unable to do anything that I need to do?
We use it at work for checklist and quality assurance checks and has been wonderful up until the Windows 7 change.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Try running Process Monitor and monitor Infopath to see where the denied message is coming from. I'm guessing a template or file somehow has permissions that wont let the user save.

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your reply - I will certainly try that.
But why would that stop it from being able to design the form template also?
Will let you know how I go!

Joe S

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Did you try going into properties Compatibility tab and select run in XP mode?

Joe, Is that the properties in IE or Infopath??


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You could also try Take Ownership,

Windows 7 is highly paranoid, I've had problems with rights, even if I'm the sole user, the builder of the computer, installer of Windows, and owner of it all! Sometimes it just won't believe me...


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I suggest you try running Office Diagnostics and see what happens.
  1. On the Help menu, click Office Diagnostics.
  2. Click Continue, and then click Start Diagnostics.

Ran the diagnostics, found one thing but still am unable to save or publish a form template etc!!!
Arrggghhhh this is really getting to me now!!!


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Sorry - I am at a loss then - assuming the computer works fine otherwise. I might suggest you hit Citrix support.


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I agree with Digerati above. It would be the best and lasting solution, to contact Citrix. It may be you need some updates in order to get it to work with W7. Like, license is marked to a certain place, now you have a new one.

Be prepared for some $$$ - I don't know the license.

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