Install a hidden windows inside of windows 8.1

I have installed windwos 8.1 in my computer, I want install windows 7 inside of my win8.1 . but I don't like I'll be saw windows chosen page. and I like when I turn on computer windows 8.1 automatically load up and just when I'll need to use windows 7 just I press a key (Such as F7 or F10 or any other keys) before load windows from Hard disk. and I choose windows 7 for loading.How can to do that? Thanks for your attention


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You could install Virtual software such as VirtualPC, VirtualBox or VMWarePlayer that will allow you to create a virtual machine that you can install Win 7 on and boot it whenever you want.

If you are running Win 8 64-bit then you could also enable Hyper-V which will allow you to do the same thing.

Thanks strollin,I think this is best way for that, I'll try to do that, Thanks again

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