Install Key Management Service (KMS) From Command Line

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    How to Add volume-licensed version key?
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    C:\>cscript c:\windows\System32\slmgr.vbs /pik YC7DK-####-####-#####-GVGXT
    Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Unrecognized option: /pik

    Windows Software Licensing Management Tool
    Usage: slmgr.vbs [MachineName [User Password]] [<Option>]
    MachineName: Name of remote machine (default is local machine)
    User: Account with required privilege on remote machine
    Password: password for the previous account

    Global Options:
    /ipk <Product Key>
    Install product key (replaces existing key)
    /ato [Activation ID]
    Activate Windows
    /dli [Activation ID | All]
    Display license information (default: current license)
    /dlv [Activation ID | All]
    Display detailed license information (default: current license)
    /xpr [Activation ID]
    Expiration date for current license state

    Advanced Options:
    Clear product key from the registry (prevents disclosure attacks)
    /ilc <License file>
    Install license
    Re-install system license files
    Reset the licensing status of the machine
    /upk [Activation ID]
    Uninstall product key

    /dti [Activation ID]
    Display Installation ID for offline activation
    /atp <Confirmation ID> [Activation ID]
    Activate product with user-provided Confirmation ID

    Volume Licensing: Key Management Service (KMS) Client Options:
    /skms <Name[:port] | : port> [Activation ID] [Activation ID]
    Set the name and/or the port for the KMS computer this machine will use. IPv
    6 address must be specified in the format [hostname]:port
    /ckms [Activation ID]
    Clear name of KMS computer used (sets the port to the default)
    Enable KMS host caching
    Disable KMS host caching

    Volume Licensing: Token-based Activation Options:
    List installed Token-based Activation Issuance Licenses
    /ril <ILID> <ILvID>
    Remove installed Token-based Activation Issuance License
    Clear Token-based Activation Only flag (default)
    Set Token-based Activation Only flag
    List Token-based Activation Certificates
    /fta <Certificate Thumbprint> [<PIN>]
    Force Token-based Activation

    Volume Licensing: Key Management Service (KMS) Options:
    /sprt <Port>
    Set TCP port KMS will use to communicate with clients
    /sai <Activation Interval>
    Set interval (minutes) for unactivated clients to attempt KMS connection. Th
    e activation interval must be between 15 minutes (min) and 30 days (max) althoug
    h the default (2 hours) is recommended.
    /sri <Renewal Interval>
    Set renewal interval (minutes) for activated clients to attempt KMS connecti
    on. The renewal interval must be between 15 minutes (min) and 30 days (max) alth
    ough the default (7 days) is recommended.
    Enable DNS publishing by KMS (default)
    Disable DNS publishing by KMS
    Set KMS priority to normal (default)
    Set KMS priority to low



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