Windows 8 Install OEM on non OEM lap


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Hi all<br />
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Purchased a new lap which came with OEM license . surrendered it . wanted to install in new laptop. Tried all is version finally installed os with bing d misc. No progress. <br />
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When activate it shows error non core OEM edition can't activate.<br />
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Lenovo doesn't provide their OEM win 8.1<br/>


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Please provide Make/Model of your Lenovo laptop. Why did you surrender your OEM Windows license? Was it Windows8.1?? Your post is quite confusing. Are you talking about 2 laptops or 1 laptop? If it is 2 laptops, what Make/Model was the 1st laptop??

If you want to reinstall Win8.1 on your Lenovo laptop, you can run the WindowsRE Recovery Console and load the disc that came with your laptop. Sometimes, the hidden rescue partition can also reload the original Win8.1 OEM license and all programs that originally came with that laptop, providing you haven't erased or replaced the original hard drive that came with the Lenovo. If you did erase or replace the HDD, you can call Lenovo directly and talk to their Tech Support or Customer Servide and order a new set of FACTORY RECOVERY DISCS for your model laptop--you will have to read them the serial number off the bottom of the laptop to do so. They will send you out a new set of discs for $39-$99 US and you can have them in a week or two in US. If you are outside the US, this cost will be substantially more due to International shipping excise and customs taxes. In some places; $600 US.o_O

Another way to go, is purchase a retail boxed Microsoft Win8.1 dvd & license key (Vanilla version) and install Win8.1 onto the Lenovo manually. We call this a manual rebuild, as you will still have to download drivers directly from the Lenovo website and install them properly and in the right order. This process can take up to 60 hours if done right. Most Computer Techs charge from $45-$160 for this, and the cost of the Win8.1 retail dvd+key is about $120-$180 depending on precisely which version of Win8.1 you wish to load (there are several versions). Most retail stores like Best Buy and Staples still sell Win8.1; but after August, they will all be pulled from the Shelves due to Windows10 coming out. Then the only way to buy Win8.1 retail will be online such as Amazon or ebay. :encouragement: