Windows 7 Installation Error...


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Ok. So I am running on the Windows 7 beta build 7057. I edited the cversion.ini file so I can upgrade, instead of doing a clean install. When I mount the iso, and start the installer I get the following error:

Windows could not collect information for [OSImage] since the specified image file [install.wim] does not exist.

Can anyone help me out?
Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. ;)

The most logical solution would be to do a clean install my friend.. Upgrading (especially from a BETA build to the RC is NOT recommended..) (Build 7057 was also one of the problematic builds so I wouldn't even think of upgrading from that build..) If you have multiple HDD's or even free space you could just move all your personal files to that if you don't want to take the time to burn them first.. ;)
Thats not the issue though. The issue I am having is getting the installer to work. Even without the modded cversion.ini I still can't get the installer to load.
Ok, so I would say you need to re-download the ISO.. it's sounding like a corrupt ISO to me.. ;) Did you get it from Microsoft directly?..
Yep. Downloaded it right from Microsoft. I was reading around and some other people said it was a firefox issue...I'll try downloading with internet explorer and Ill post the results.
Yep, that definitely does seem to affect it for some reason.. Sorry I should have asked which browser you used to DL it.. ;)
Ok. It just finished downloading from IE7 and works fine. This is the completely untouched version. Will post back when I find out if the modded version works.
It seems the issue was the fact that I modded it, and that I used Firefox to download. Only the un-modded one from IE7 works. Now that I can't exactly would I want to back up my programs?
That's up to you, you could either create a seperate partition and move them all over to it or burn them off or copy them onto a USB drive.. the choice is yours my friend.. ;) This applies to your personal files.. NOT programs.. You'll have to reinstall all your apps.. ;)