installation help asap! :(

hello ppl,

i have an iso image of windows 7 all in one

i put it on a pen drive using windows 7 usb/dvd tool

rebooted the system

installation came but i am not able to install 64 bits windows 7 tells me to do custom installation and a compatibility report comes when i choose upgrade.

what does custom installation means ? will it format d and e drives along with c drive? what will it format?

i have a windows 7 professioanal 32 bits os

if i have to do custom installation can i do it for 64 bits ultimate version since its better i guess

means can i go from 32 bits professional to 64 bits ultimate?

please help!
thanks :)

i have d and e drives that i need to be safe..what is folder? will it save my d and e drive contents??


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a 'custom' install is basically a fresh or clean install and will wipe the C drive only. If your running 32bit os and want to change to 64bit then you'll need to perform a custom install as opposed to a 'upgrade' install. An upgrade install is where you just pop the install DVD in the drive and follow the prompts. To perform a custom install you'll need to enter the bios and change the boot order so you boot off the windows media whether it be a DVD or thumb drive. That means changing the boot order so that either the DVD drive or thumb drive, whichever holds the os, is first.

thanks for the help! ,much appreciated :D

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