Windows 10 Installation with built-in SSD, two drives simultaneously


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Mar 5, 2016

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I'm struggling with Windows 10 installation on my fiancee notebook. It is a Samsung N530, it has built-in (soldiered on the motherboard probably), 25 GB SSD drive. I bought for her a new SSD, on which I would like to install Windows, but, this is very silly in my opinion, it can't install anywhere if there is more than one hard drive. I get 80300024 every time.
This built-in SSD has 3 partitions, probably with raw factory image and Samsung stuff.

I already:
  • created partitions manually on the new SSD
  • formatted them
  • let Installer do this
  • used Shift+F10 and diskpart. Marked the 25 GB SSD as offline - during the installation the disk was labeled as offline, but the Installator couldn't do anything with the new SSD. Reverting back to online brought back the 80300024 error.
Situation seems simple, two hard drives, one empty - install on the empty one. Why such mature system couldn't handle so simple situation.

Nothing helps. Help, please :)

EDIT2: I managed to circumvent the issue by inserting the newly bought SSD into my notebook, install Windows (without problems) and then insert it back to my fiancee notebook. It worked, but it is a dirty solution.

This is the n-th Windows I'm dealing with and the installer didn't change a bit ;)

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You should be able to select the disk in the Windows 10 install (advanced mode) and install on the drive. Having multiple disks should not be an issue. I have 2 drives in my laptop.
Try removing the second hard drive during installation, leaving only the 25GB SSD. Reconnect once setup is complete. That being said 25GB is not much at all to install Windows 10 to. My Windows folder is 23GB as we speak.
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