installed 7127 what do you think?

i,ve just installed build 7127 well upgraded from RC,it looks like theres no new features i didnt expect any at this stage..probably more stable than RC even though RC is quite stable anyway..just want to know what people think coz i think its a little more snappier.

I got my invite from MS to download it but I haven't because I really see no point.. ;) It's from the RTM branch and even though it may be snappier than the RC I still just don't see the point of installing it.. ;) That's my two cents worth regarding this build..

Hi there
I got "sucked in" to this one -- I was going to not bother.
I installed on a laptop via a USB stick (11 Mins for clean install) so not much time wasted.
I also have decent download speed so to get the ISO didn't take long.

It "Does" seem snappier than the RC (using x-64 7127 (winmain.090507-1820)
Video less jerky when scrolling web sites and everything just seems that bit better -- not a scientific test mind you.

Will have to change the "Girly" desktop -- woman likes it however.


Have installed 7127 for several days, I also think 7127 just fixed more bugs without any new features.

I'm downloading the iso right now and I plan on doing a clean install with this new build sometime this week.

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