Installing W7 On 2 Separate Drives


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Can someone advise please/ I have 5 hard drives in my system and I have installed windows 7 x64 on 2 separate drives and done this within windows. However a few times it booted okay but then started hanging on the post where it states verifying DMI pool data. Subsequently I tried everything to repair as I thought that the MBR was probably corrupted.

I have installed windows separately now on each drive by disconnecting all drives except the one that I am installing and then shut that down, disconnected it and connected the next and installed a fresh copy there to.

I am concerned that windows will corrupt the MBR again when I connect the drives one by one. I am not overly optimistic about windows boot manager and its reliability.

Any ideas someone please?


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May I ask why would you want to do this? If you're concerned about data loss/corruption, why not use a raid set up of some sort. I would think there would be some kind conflict as to what hard drive it wants boot from.


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I don't think it is your MBR that is being messed with, but perhaps the bios. Possibly the Bios settings are being confused by the two installs.

With the two keys, you should be able to dual boot.

Hi steverido,

First of all let me ask you a question, why did you install the os separately?

If you are looking for dual boot config, install the os twice with all the disks plugged in cos if you remove the other installation disks then windows thinks that the os being installed is the only one and creates separate mbr which will have conflicts once you plug in the other disks

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