Installing Windows 7 - Extremly slow + 0x80070017 error


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Hi. Im trying to install Win7 64bit ultimate on my new PC

Asus P5Q-E
C2Q Q8400
GeForce GTX 260

but time between the first MS logo disappear and when im able to see language select window is about 10 minutes.. i can see only nice blue background in this time. After "Installation starting" message is the same, i can see only the message and nice blue background ;) After long time installation finally starts, but when is Extracting files on 96% i get 0x80070017 error. Ive tried reburn DVD on the slowest speed.. Ive tried diffrent bios settings, especially SATA - AHCI, RAID even Compatible IDE.. Ive tried another DVDrom, and Ive tried it on another SATA HDD, even on another SATA controller on MB. Linux runs fine, memtest ressult was without errors.
With Vista Ultimate 32 bit - similar problems... :(
Im at my wit´s end :(( Can anybody help with this? Please, Ill by very grateful for every idea. Thanks.

Did it just say the error?


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Actually I fixed the problem. After error installation was interrupted before, but I re-burn DVD again and it've passed :) But the long time between parts of installation still stayed on.. I feel its caused by Asus MB, i had problems with these boards befor as well, and some people from other discussions have confirmed it, so its probably problem on board, or its problem with some implementation for this board in windows 7 installer. Ive tried only 64bit version, but some people typed they have the same problem with 32bit. Microsoft doesnt know about it? Any blog spot? Any news release? Any fix?

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