Windows XP Installing Windows XP With Setup

Can I Install Windows xp with these steps:
1.put usb
2. open my computer and run the installation by usb
3. and proceed normally with the setup wihtout error?
I had the original Windows XP disc and my dvd rom got burned so i wanted to format with usb...So the iso hasnt problems. I have also configured the usb as the first in the boot but the same thing.... Any solutions?
I'm confused to what this means "
I had the original Windows XP disc and my DVD ROM got burned so i wanted to format with usb

As far as I know you can't transfer the windows DVD to a USB stick. It just wont work like that. You need the ISO and there are no downloadable links for the XP ISO. You will have to contact the PC vendor and purchase the recovery media and it will come on a DVD.
That's your problem right there....that doesn't work. You can't copy/convert the DVD media to a USB, that I know of.
I'm not sure but didn't ImgBurn have an option to convert a disk to an image? I don't know enough about that. You could also look for Nlite and use that to make an ISO from a disk.
If you want to use your computer on Internet or in connection with friends, XP is a bad alternative. It's obsolete, even dangerous. No updates anymore, and the build cannot support newer security. Windows 7 works, but is not readily purchasable everywhere.
Original XP disc; for what Computer please, Make/Model? Or was it a boxed-retail Microsoft Windows XP disc?

It is both possible to make an ISO file from your original Windows XP disk (if it's LEGIT!), as well as a bootable flash drive version. As Bass said, you could try Rufus; but that did NOT work for me, either on XP or Win7 or Win8. I've tried all the USB bootable programs including the ones from Microsoft. They do NOT work. The only tool that worked for me is WiNToBootIC; you can google it. I've also done it using a Dell Studio540 Vista RECOVERY disc onto a flash drive, and that works too.:up: That's my personal computer.

Bass is mostly correct, Microsoft has scrubbed about 98% of the Internet of Win7 images, but not XP; those are readily available for free. And as Pauli astutely notes; it's a risky OS to continue using, esecially if you plan on doing any online banking or any online Credit Card purchases. :pray: As long as you don't do any of that, it's somewhat safe to use. *not completely safe*.

Here's a couple of sites to download good XP ISO image files from for use in creating your USB bootable flash drive XP:
Both of these links I have used in the last several months; however, Microsoft reserves the right to pull these from websites with legal action if necessary, so they may not be available when you go there, but it's free so worth a try. If these 2 don't work post back and I'll see if I can find you any others.

And, as a bonus, here's the link for the WiNToBootIC bootable flash drive maker tool:

If you get no love from any of these, it's quite likely that the hard drive in your computer has failed. Since you have an XP computer, it is at least 8-13 years old now. Hard drives in PCs are only good for 5 years (25,000 usage hours) and in Laptops only 3 years (15,000 usage hours). So, unless you've replaced that Hard Drive in the last 5 years, it's highly likely to have failed.:waah: This failure will definitely keep XP from installing whether you are running a CD/DVD or bootable flash drive install media.

I suggest that you run a tests on your hard drive. First download the free SEATOOLS drive test program from and create a boot test disc. The SEATOOLS program is in ISO file format, so you will need to download the free IMGburn program to burn the SEATOOLS ISO file onto a blank CD or DVD disc. Once you do this, you may wish to test it on another working computer. Change the boot order preference on your machine to boot from your CD/DVD drive and run the SEATOOLS program. Ensure that you run BOTH short and long tests. If SEATOOLS returns any errors, your hard drive has failed and must be replaced. :waah:

Set aside that failed drive and do self-data recovery to get any files you want from it or take to your local Computer Pro and pay him to do the recovery for you.

Best of luck and we'll wait for you to post back the Make/Model of this XP computer for us.:)