Installing Xp Pro from ubuntu 14 help please :(


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Hi basically i was using my computer and all was fine it was running windows xp pro i read about ubuntu and decided it was a smart idea, obviously it was and my system can handle it now its a useless pile of junk i had an xp bootable usb drive but it starts to start the setup then i get a blue screen error ive done some searching and all i can come up with is
If you are trying to install the Windows XP from scratch on the laptop, please BE SURE that you put the Hard Drive on "Compatibility" mode in BIOS, which was defaulted to "AHCI" (Compatibility is also known as IDE).

Otherwise, you will experience the "blue screen" issue. To change that setting, you need to do the following:
1. Press F2 when booting up the computer
2. Select 'Config', then 'Serial ATA (SATA)'
3. Change controller option to 'Compatibility' / 'IDE'
which i saw online i havent been able to do any of this because my bios settings dont have any of these things to change they are much more limited than any bios i see on the internet ect im so confused and dont know what to do any help would be so great thanks dan


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Hi Dan,
I use Ubuntu frequently, and I've had no problems with it co-existing on any version of Windows from XP to Windows8.1. Personally, when I first started playing with it, I ran it from the LiveCD version which runs in your machines RAM and installs nothing on your hard disk. This is really the safest way to use it; installing it right off the bat can cause complications.

Next, would you mind terribly providing us with Specs such as Make/Model of the machine your have the XP/Ubuntu installed on (for example Dell Dimension 4700)?? This will help us.

Also, could you please provide the Make/Model of the hard drive in that machine too?

These BIOS setting you are missing indicates a quite old machine. XP machines if your XP Pro came installed originally on this machine, means it's from 8-13 years old. It could be that you hit a coincidental hardware failure either on your hard drive or possibly your RAM memory. Ubuntu writes it's install and boot data into different areas of the hard drive in a completely different format than Windows does; it's quite likely if it tried to write it's boot files into an area of your hard drive that has bad sectors, it could blue screen. The Windows boot files are not on those bad sectors so it continues to work if you could remove the Ubuntu, which you may not be able to do at this point if the drive is damaged.

I suggest that you run a couple of tests on your hardware. First download the free SEATOOLS drive test program from and create a boot test disc. The SEATOOLS program is in ISO file format, so you will need to download the free IMGburn program to burn the SEATOOLS ISO file onto a blank CD or DVD disc. Once you do this, you may wish to test it on another working computer. Change the boot order preference on your machine to boot from your CD/DVD drive and run the SEATOOLS program. Ensure that you run BOTH short and long tests. If SEATOOLS returns any errors, your hard drive has failed and must be replaced. :waah:

Set aside that failed drive and do self-data recovery to get any files you want from it or take to your local Computer Pro and pay him to do the recovery for you.

Next, download the free MEMTEST program (you can google), and create a bootable disc with IMGburn in the same fashion you did with SEATOOLS. Run MEMTEST on each stick of RAM that your have individually; in other words, remove all RAM sticks and test with MEMTEST1 stick at a time for a minimum of 8 passes. Repeat for each stick. If MEMTEST returns any errors, that stick of RAM has failed and must be replaced. Finally, reinsert all RAM sticks back into their Motherboard slots (1-4 slots typically) and run MEMTEST 1 more time for minimum of 8 passes. If MEMTEST returns any errors; you could have mismatched speeds or types and will need to replace your RAM sticks in matched pair sets. Continue to run MEMTEST until you have all sticks running for 8 passes without error. **be aware that if you have 2GB RAM sticks or larger it may take 12-24 hours to achieve the full 8 passes. Of course longer with all your RAM sticks installed on the Final test; so be patient**

Reinstall your XP from scratch onto the new replacement hard drive and THEN install your Ubuntu. Make sure you are running the latest Ubuntu version; 14.04.1 LTS. Things should work now, especially if you found a failed hard drive or RAM stick along the way. :cool: