Windows 7 InstallShield one click install problem


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InstallShield One click installation does not work on Windows 7.

When the user opens the installation url with IE 8, the following message is displayed : "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?"
After pressing "yes", error message is displayed "Setup cannot run from this Web page. Verify that you have the correct browser security settings, click Refresh, and then select, "Yes" when asked to Install the InstallShield Wizard.”

When we turn off the UAC, we can run the installation, but this is not a good solution for us, we cannot ask all our clients to turn off UAC.

Is there a way to allow to run one click installations, without turning off the UAC?



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Hi Olga,

I have the same problem with the setup player that InstallShield uses in One Click method, when I run the installation over Windows 7. I tried disabling UAC but it doesn't work. Could you finally got it work? Did anyone give you an idea or explanation? What version of IS were you using? I use IS 7. Do you know if the IS 2010 version could solve the problem or it's only related to the OS?

Thank you,


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