Windows 10 Intermittent "No Internet" in browser after recent update.

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A couple of weeks ago, Windows updated itself, and then a couple days after that I started noticing an issue where at random intervals, I'd start having trouble loading webpages. It would insist there was No Internet, and this was even though my connection to the Internet was still working fine with other activities I was already operating, such as being in the middle of a group voice chat in one of the virtual worlds, which more or less kept on working. A lot of times, several minutes later, the pages go back to loading, at other times, the pages go back to loading only after I've quit out of the virtual world, pretty much immediately after.

It is behaving almost as if something under the hood is deciding I have too many connections up, and is ruthlessly preventing any new ones until those other ones finish. It is also as if it has drastically limited the available connections, as if something in there THINKS I have way smaller available Internet service. This is driving me bonkers. The three updates were KB4515384, KB4514359 and KB4516115, and a websearch for internet trouble involving each of these hasn't brought up any obvious matches to my problem. I tried a couple of different fix-the-No-Internet procedures, but they either didn't help, or only provided temporary results.

Specifically, I performed solution #1 here: How To Fix No Internet Access in Windows 10 | Wiknix ...and also updated to the newest Ethernet drivers for my motherboard, and at another point, I cleared DNS and invoked a release / renew on that, but like a certain unwanted cat, the problem comes back the very next day.


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You can run the following script Network Diagnostic Information "run as administrator" when the issue is occurring and upload the log created on your desktop when you can. There are no known issues with any of the mentioned updates regarding network, so it may just be coincidence.

A couple of general steps to run
  • Run the Network connectivity troubleshooter
  • Run sfc /scannow
  • Run dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
I would also check for any updated drivers for your network card.

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Hmmm... looks like I'd need to run the network connectivity troubleshooter only when I'm having the issue again, which it isn't at the moment. Will have to try that next time I'm having these errors. I did the other two commands, and the first one found no issues, and the second one gave no errors either, and states "The restore operation completed successfully. The operation completed successfully." As for network drivers, pretty sure I updated to the latest ones late last week.

edited to add: Oh, wait, didn't notice the "network diagnostic information" was a link to a bat file, and thought you meant run the built-into-Windows network diagnostic function... and that one doesn't do anything useful for me in this situation. I have now downloaded the zip and unpacked it, but will have to run it a bit later because I'm in the middle of an online meeting and don't want to risk this diagnostics script trampling on that or something.

edit2: okay, I ran the diagnostics script, and have attached the resulting text file.


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Nomad of Norad. I also am having issues with losing my internet connection, even though it is good. I am using firefox 69.0.1 (64-bit).
I know it is not windows, at least not with my machine, as when it happens, I open google chrome and load that in, as well as some other web pages, and it works.
I then just goto Task Manager and force close Firefox.
Then reopen it up and the issue is gone.
If your using Firefox, and it happens, try that. If it is Firefox, you will know after you reopen Firefox brouser.
Now, I do not experiance this issue at any other time. Just with Firefox and only after they upgraded the brouser, last spring. I have had two since then, and it still is not fixed.

all the best


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Maybe a little off track:
I have also been having the problem recently, but mainly on my Tablet. My search engine/home page of choice is google. When it happens, there is a message saying I should try Bing.
That makes me suspicious! Sounds like MS promoting their wares!
But, nevertheless, if I then use Bing, the site opens. After that, it will open even if i revert to Google.

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I use Opera as my main browser, but while I am having this No Internet issue, I have sometimes fired up other, different browsers, such as Brave, or even then ancient Safari, and had the same trouble loading pages. I am also on the virtual world system High Fidelity, and while there, and with voice chat working, and while being able to move my avatar around and watch other avatars moving around, while the main webbrowser is giving me the No Internet page loads problem... and some point I have had mechanisms inside HiFi then fail to load, and there are functions that load on device resembling a tablet appearing inside the HiFi viewer that you can then, say, select other destinations to teleport to, or an interface to look at in world text-chat... and sometimes even THAT virtual device gives me a failed-to-load error, instead of loading the teleport-destinations panel, or the text-chat panel. What's interesting is, I can then quit out of HiFi, or for that matter quit out of Second Life virtual world if I'm in that instead during this sort of trouble... and IMMEDIATELY all the pages I was trying to load in Opera, and that got stuck in endless No Internet limbo, IMMEDIATELY ALL start fully loading again, as in like 2 or 3 seconds after the HiFi Interface exits, or the SL viewer finishes exiting to desktop.

On the other hand, I can have a laptop open, and I will be loading webpages on it without difficulty at the same time as I'm having the issue with no web pages loading on my main machine... but on the other hand, I am not doing any high-speed internet stuff on that laptop at the same time, either. That said, many times when I'm having the No Internet web-page issue on my main machine, I'm not doing anything internet-strenuous either.

I have also sometimes had streaming music stations spontaneously pause for a couple of seconds the moment I try to load a webpage.

It behaves as if whatever it is that causes intermittent web-page loading issues is something under the hood going on local to my machine, rather than something going on with my LAN or my ISP, and it also at least sometimes behaves as if there is something drastically lowering how much internet activity I can have going on at any given time, and simply refusing to allow any additional connection activities (i.e. loading another webpage) I might I try to start when I'm beyond that low limit.

Earlier today, I banged my head against a wall for several hours, trying to get webpages to load, in order to finish something I was doing online, all the while the laptop was having no issues at all. Eventually I did a netsh winsock reset, and then rebooted the machine, and havent had No Internet issues the rest of the night... The trouble is, I'll do something like that one day, and then the next day the machine is back to doing this No INternet page loading nightmare again. At other points, I've done the ipconfig release, renew, flushdns, registerdns thing, and had a day of relief, only to have all the troubles return again. This is aggravating.

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Well, on the other hand, in the two or three days since that netsh winsock reset, I haven't had any more internet issues. Knock wood.