Internet connection for other account users.


I am new to vista and setting up internet connections.
I followed the instructions when loading vista ultimate and had no problems. The connection for my account was ok. I then setup an account for my wife and tried to setup a connection to the internet. I entered all the relavant details and IE returned a message Access denied due to control list? Tried everyway to get it to connect. Can someone help.




what type of internet service?
are the computers networked and how??
more info please



Having similar problem. Loaded netzero.(internet provider) loaded ok so I thought but everytime I close and try to come back it will not connect to internet. Only when it is first loaded. Can anyone help? By the way it is a laptop and it is a Dell. Thanks ahead for the help.

Since Ken didn't answer; maybe you can help me. I am listed below you as unregistered but have a username of helpme. My netzero runs when first loaded but when shut down doesn't run when you come back. Hope I make sense.

No does this make a difference?

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