Internet is constantly timing out ever since W7 upgrade

Whenever I visit a site it initially gives me the "server not found" error page and forces me to mash F5 a few times for the page to finally load. This only happens when I boot into 7, my internet is perfect on my XP partition. Any idea why this is happening? I updated all my drivers and I'm connected to a pretty large network but I'm the only one with this connection problem. It's been going on for over a week and I can't take this crap anymore.

Are you sure you don't have some nasty trogan or some such thing. That is just too weird behavior.

If I do it's done an amazing job avoiding detection by Avast, Spybot, HijackThis and MBAC.

Joe S

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Is Windows 7 a clean install or an upgrade? Upgrades frequently cause problems.

Did you install anything from Apple like iTunes? I ask because the Bonjour service included is known to cause havoc to Windows' networking.

You can check for the presence of mdnsresponder.exe in the task manager. Let us know.

probably an odd modem/router 7 does not like


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I have seen such conditions related to anti-virus or firewall programs, or a combination thereof.

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