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Here I'm. I'm Rien from the Netherlands. 42 years old, in a few weeks 43.
I'm married with Danielle (37), and have 2 daughters. The oldest is almost 3 years old now. The youngest is 4 months.
Almost 15 years working for the company known for its printers, where i'm part of the enterprise services as delivery lead.
My technical knowledge is not that best. Since i'm not touching hardware.
I'm using an windows 7 system for my work.

In the 90's I went from Amiga / windows 98 to mac os. And since then i stayed there.
Why on a windows forum?
My mac died on me last week or so. A new one cost me around 1500-2000 euro.
From the company I work for we can sometimes buy pretty cheap systems. So I searched in my trashcan on my work system.
And yes, there was an end years offer. almost 50% off for a line of systems. I searched for the cheapest one, and that was an Hp pavilion gaming laptop. Have to pay a bit over 500 euro's. If I compare that with a new mac, then the choice is not that hard.
Since we have 2 young children, things are pretty expensive anyway. I like to give them some presents so now and then.
So have blind ordered the system. Without thinking further. That is happening now ;)
No way back.
Hope to get it within a week or 3 - 4.

Further my wife and me both have iPhone 6s. And my oldest daughter is using an iphone 5s. My previous iPhone.
For my work I have an nokia lumia 920. That is not used often. Only when i'm on the go for work.
Basically just using it to receive mails from work and calling. No other apps on it.

Thats me / us in a nutshell :)

Hope to find a lot of answers here.



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Hi Rien, welcome to forces of chaos!

I envy you for having family… the kids, not the nappies. I personally would have given that HP a miss and grabbed an Asus but each to their own mate.

p.s Is the 3 year old really making phone calls and facebooking or it's just a toy that goes ding dong when it rings?


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As the title suggests this thread gives you a chance to say Hi and introduce yourself to the community.

Hello All,
An old phart here, that started in electronics with tubes and a Vietnam Vet.

Well a post in here just saved my loss of a drive under Windows 7.
Some of the data even was old text files from an TI/99-4a !
I seriously gotta review that 143 gig of data.
I had to join just to leave kudos to the poster who saved my data.
I'm no guru, and I doubt that I would have anything good to post in the way of helping someone.
But, I'm here and grateful for this forum ant in particular that post.



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I am manger in DzoApps (division of Dotzoo Inc.). I have 5 years exp. in android & iOS development, I love mobile application league.


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Welcome to Walter Smith and Miss Ashley... Windows 10 does take some getting used too.
Merry Xmas.