Introduce Yourself.

If you visit my country, you'll get classes at the age of 15 only. And I didn't learn Web designing by taking classes, some of them are self-taught you know. I experiment stuffs and find out. My country isn't that rich as others. You don't good tech stuffs here, I have to order online. I am even proud to say I love my country. You're 16? GOOD4U. I got influenced by all these things at the age of 11. Not trying to argue here. Just to explain my life.

I get to learn computers at my school too but they give me cheap systems with WINDOWS 95. I am not very comfortable here. Sorry for the argument. Not trying to be rude. I actually want to help this forum and be friendly with everyone.
Hi folks,

I'm Dennis from The Netherland, found this site via Google while I was googling at windows 8.
Hope to have a nice stay on this forum ;)

PS. my English wont always be as good as yours, that's cause I'm still learning it and in The Netherlands it isn't the default language.
Hi folks,

I'm Dennis from The Netherland, found this site via Google while I was googling at windows 8.
Hope to have a nice stay on this forum ;)

PS. my English wont always be as good as yours, that's cause I'm still learning it and in The Netherlands it isn't the default language.

Hello Dennis! Welcome to Windows 8 forums. Glad to have you here :)
Hi all. I downloaded Win 8 Dev Preview shortly after it was available and installed within Virtual Box on my Win 7 Ultimate OS. I have been using Win 7 since the RC. I have been a member of Windows Secrets Lounge since Dec 2009 and have been a VIP there for a while. I hope to contribute to these forums equally as I do there. This is a link to my Windows Secrets Lounge Profile page. Over time I hope to meet many of you here.

Welcome Ted! It's nice to have you here :)
Hello I am Andrea Borman. Most people will know me from Windows 7 forums where I am a member. I have several netbooks with Windows 7 and 2 others with Windows XP. And I have recently installed Windows 8 developers preview on one of my Windows 7 netbooks.

And I am running Windows 8 as my only operating system on that netbook. As I installed Windows 8 by mounting the ISO file on virtual clone drive. And it wiped out all of my Windows 7 operating system and replaced it with Windows 8. But I do have other netbooks so I am not to worried.

I have limited experience with computers and I intended to install Windows 8 as a duel boot alongside my Windows 7. And I thought that mounting the Windows 8 ISO file would do that. The same way I have installed Linux mint alongside Windows in the past.

But that did not happen and instead the Windows 8 install wiped out my Windows 7 completely and it also wiped out my recovery partition. So now I cannot restore to factory condition or go back to Windows 7.Unless I buy a Windows 7 CD to reinstall Windows 7. And I will also need to buy a CD drive as I only have a 1GB netbook that has no CD drive.

The other members over on Windows 7 Forums are giving me advice on how to back up my operating system. And how to install Windows 7 and maybe install it as a duel boot. As the version of Windows 8 that we have is not permanent. It is a developers preview due to expire in March. But I hope that when the time comes I will be able to upgrade or do a clean install of the Windows 8 beta version or consumer preview. Which I have read we may be able to carry on using for another year. And then after that upgrade to a permanent version of Windows 8. Or buy Windows 8 in the shops.

Readers will know that before I tried Windows 8 for myself I was worried about using it. As I thought I would not know how to use it.

But my experience with Windows 8 has turned out to be a good one. As you are able to disable the Metro theme with either software that you can download from the Internet. That turns off the Metro theme or with a simple registry edit. Both ways work and the Metro theme is now permanently disabled on my Windows 8.

Actually I did not find it difficult to get around the settings with the Metro theme. It is true that most of the Metro apps did not work.Probably because they are not active yet. Buy all of the software i installed myself that showed up as apps in the Metro theme DID work.

But I have disabled the Metro theme as I think it is better to have the Windows 7 or Windows Vista start menu for every day use. And also for people like me with limited experience and most other Windows users. I would advise you to use the Windows 7 start menu because that is what I and most people are used to.

My experience with Windows 8 has turned out to be a good one. And everything in Windows 8 is working and it is running just like my other versions of Windows are. And most of my software from Windows XP,Windows Vista and Windows 7 is working on Windows 8. So I am getting to like Windows 8 now. and it is a pity that we cannot just keep on using Windows 8 developers preview after March. As now that I have tried Windows 8,I would like to keep it on my computer.

Obviously when our version of Windows 8 expires we will have to find an alternative to it. But I hope that Microsoft will let up upgrade or do a clean install to a beta or RC of Windows 8. like they let us do with Windows 7.

I am getting along fine with Windows 8 at the moment. But as I explained I have limited experience with computers and often I make mistakes sand get things wrong. So I might need some help in the future if I run into problems with Windows 8. Andrea Borman.
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I'd like to say hello here and extend a warm welcome to all of you :)
Welcome to the forums. Do you have any plans to try the Consumer Preview? There are some good videos of the CP, in case you don't want to bite the bullet, on YouTube, including a long video I have made about exploring the basics of it (47 min). You can see it more operable on the Samsung 7 Slate at Windows 8 Consumer Preview Walkthrough and Review - YouTube from Mobile Tech Review. There is a big dissonance between the mouse and keyboard desktop version vs. the tablet/slate version that seems to be creating quite a bit of irritation for the less die-hard supporters.
Hi everybody. I have tried Windows 8 since day1 of the DP. I think it is an interesting system and I do not have the reservations that some people voice. A lot of new things to explore and in most cases it is easier to operate than previous Windows. Plus, it is really fast. Here is mine booting in Virtual Box (Note, I automated the login). Start Win8 in vBox1.wmv - YouTube
Hello forum users. I've been trying Windows 8 for less than a week and, as a user of Windows 7 Forums, I thought I'd sign on here as well. I'm running Windows 8 Consumer Preview in an Oracle VM VirtualBox and it seems to be running OK so far. Regarding the Start screen, I've unpinned all of the Tiles except for Desktop and Weather and pinned some of the applications that I do use like Firefox. Win 8 does seem to run quite fast even with the small amount of memory that I've assigned to it to run in the virtual environment.

One question about the forums .... since I signed up few days ago some of the forums seem to have disappeared. The was one on desktop customisation (sorry customization in US speak) but I can't find it now.
Hi Rachel, welcome to the forum. :)

Just as way of example here is how my Start screen looks:


Here's a close up;


As for the forum update, you'll notice that some categories have become sub-forums so check for the category you seek there..
Thanks Ross. That's a very impressive start screen. Mine is very simple. At the moment I've no idea how to divide it up like that into sections but I guess that this is not the place to ask. Regarding the forum updates the forum I've lost seems to have gone completely along with the one post I made to it. I have posted a query to an administrator but had no reply yet.
Forums have always served me well, helping me to grow and understand any area of difficulty I bring to them. So I have brought my inexperienced self to yet another learning experience in the hopes it will help me decide if I want to spend $100.00 dollars or not :highly_amused:
Hi all, I'm Will. I've been using Windows 8 since CP - I hope to be able to contribute here.

Edit: Just tried uploading an avatar and wasn't able to - do I need a certain number of posts?
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