Introduce Yourself.

It's a jpg file - 80x80 pixels and about 4kb. I get "Unable to save image" each time I try.


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Hi all, I'm Will. I've been using Windows 8 since CP - I hope to be able to contribute here.

Edit: Just tried uploading an avatar and wasn't able to - do I need a certain number of posts?
Hi Will and welcome to the forum. :)

On uploading of your avatar did you follow the guidelines for size ect in the settings?

Hi kemical, thanks for the welcome. I made sure to resize the image before I uploaded - on my PC it's listed as 80x80 pixels. However, on another forum also running vB 4.2.1 we had a resizing issue recently - certain usergroups uploaded images would increase by 1px.

I'll attach the image here I was trying to use.



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Hi Will,

I'm feeling a tad red faced as i should know this but it may be the case that you need 5 posts to upload your own avatar (I also think you need 5 before you can send pm's). I'll check up on this for you but if it still plays you about I could always do it. Let me check first though.. :)

I've had a thing for computers ever since I took a computer class at my votech school back in the 90s. We used IBM PCs with Win 3.1 on them and were they fun! I've had a thing for the Internet since I skipped class at my community college to spend all my time in the upstairs computer lab, which had computers hooked into the Net. I whiled away the hours I was supposed to be spending in class looking up stuff on Infoseek, Hotbot, Lycos, Altavista, Yahoo and Gopher.

Ralph Bromley

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Hi I am Ralph, I am a linux user!
Dont worry I dont bite, just poke a stick here and there :D

I am new to these forums, but I have been using computers since Windows 95 days. I have used Windows 95, 98, ME, XP (all SPs), Vista and now Windows 7. I have been using Windows 7 since Beta.

Captain Jack

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I am new to these forums, but I have been using computers since Windows 95 days. I have used Windows 95, 98, ME, XP (all SPs), Vista and now Windows 7. I have been using Windows 7 since Beta.
Welcome to WindowsForum! I hope you enjoy your stay here :)



fourthofjuly here from Toronto... cheers!

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I've been here for a while, didn't notice this topic earlier. I usually call myself a layman in IT, don't have any real education in it. Although, I seem to have managed to give some good advice to many, I'm the kind of Do It Yourself guy, or Find Out About It guy.

I'm a drop-out student from University level Economics studies. I got bored, and started my own business. Photographer, lived and worked in four countries, with various success. Father of two, a lovely 24 years young woman in Berlin, Germany, the result of me living there; and a Star born in April this year here in Helsinki, a son, who might become more charming than his father, heh.

Doing mainly PR and Marketing now, quite much with non-profit organizations, like work with kids, and tourism for low level, I also have a Military training, of which I'm rather proud. I'm a Captain in the Finnish Army reserve, Battalion Commander of 1200 troops. I hope, however, that we will never need to go to action. Like General Eisenhower stated, There is no true glory in war.

I wish you all, and this Forum, the very best. "I'll buy you a beer or drink or pizza or steak or something, if we meet". I do love the Ballet.

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Hello everyone. I am actually quite good with computers, and have been a long time user of both windows and linux. But i have decided that it was a waste of time trying to utilize both OSs, and everything i wanted to ever do was on windows so screw it, i'm going to be just a windows guy from now on.
I am also really good at fixing computers (hardware and software), and my family/friends always come to me for help. I used the forums for the linux distro i was using occasionally, but now it seems i need to find a "windows" forum, and after looking around this seemed to be the one i liked the most :)

I don't get on terribly often, but i might try and pop around every now and then and provide some input (or ask a question lol).

Hi all,

My name's Stephen - I recognise many of the members here from other tech forums. Hello again if we've met before, hello for the first time if we've never met! :D

Now to set my profile up.. :)



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Welcome and as you're from England, I shall wave from Birmingham ;)


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We could all wave across the UK and do a Mexican ...erm..wave that is :up:

Nice to see some other people from the UK here as well!
I'd wave too, but Birmingham is a little far from where I live ;)

Just been looking though the members here, so many familiar faces! Still trying to get used to XenForo, more used to vB myself!



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I was on here before but i guess with the merge i got lost
If you look at
You can get a picture of what i am all about and look at the rest of the website
But i have been in this business for 20 yrs, i am female which is hard enough in this business to do, i work with many companies like microsoft and antispyware companies and test os and software before they come out to the public
If you google robinb9 you will see i am on many different fourms
I enjoy answering questions especially to beginners who i work with the most

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Oh when i get back onto my computer i can reset up my picture , it was there before but it is gone now, i am typing to you from my ipad app

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As the title suggests this thread gives you a chance to say Hi and introduce yourself to the community.
ok I need help. where on this forum does one go to start a new topic. it has been a while since I have posted and everything seems to have changed. thanks poorguy


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Hi Poorguy,
I guess it depends on the subject of your new topic. Look through the various headings and choose the one that fits yours the closest.

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