Introduce Yourself.

Hello all, I am AndRue and thank you for being here in this forum. I have in fact written software for Windows which can be downloaded from one of my websites


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Salute to all members. I`m new on forum. Thank you for accepting me. I will follow the rules of the forum. I'm interested in Windows 10, installation, drivers, hidden cakes... I work a bit in 3d and video production, all as a hobby, not professionally but I'm learning
Hey Guys,

I came here through a google search for a BSOD, and I decided to post my own problem and see if I can get help.
My fear is that it could be a hardware issue and I might need to replace a part before waranty expires.

I would gladly help out anyone if I can, but I estimate I am in the bottom 25% most knowledgeable members here.

I'm from Bucharest, Romania, if you're ever in town PM me and I'll take you out for a beer ;)
Hi Grubby24,
have not been to Romania yet but I hear the beer is worth trying... best of luck with the Blue screens mate
I just signed up to say thank you for a Neemobeer's post and thought I would check the site out for a while
thank you
I went out of date so far as DOS and Windows are concerned in about 1998. So I am much more in need of support than able to offer it, I’m afraid. But willing to offer sympathy.....
Hello all,

I'm a newbie here. I would like to introduce myself to all of you guys. I hope everyone here is doing well so far.

Thank you so much!