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Good Morning, I have been encountering "critical process died" errors on this machine, a desktop, recently along with one "unexpected store exception". My research pointed me to this forum. W7F is loaded and if I got it set up right, will give milk at some point. During all of this the Realtek LAN Family driver was updated with a noticeable minor improvement though not the desired final result. One final point, these errors occur when waking from sleep, but not every time. Sometimes I think a ballpeen hammer might be in order, but I have refrained. Good day all.

David B Chapman

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Hello ever one , glad to be a part of this. I'm pretty knowable about the PC, but I need to work on networking. Just started a new job with a new company and I'm the IT Tech guy now. 7 computer's and a server. I'm upgrading the windows 7 machines to 10 been having issues with one seeing the server, so I'm sure I will be asking a lot of questions about local networking and servers and the like.
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Hi there guys! My name is Brandon and I’m new to the forum. Over the years I’ve mainly used Google as a resource for my misc Windows needs but I’ve been running into some specifics issues, so I thought I’d join the club and see what this forum has to offer.

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Guys, I'm a newbie here. I would like to say hello to all. Please accept me here. I hope I will get some good guidelines about using Windows 10. Thanks!


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Hey 90Ninety here, I am a tech generalist, mainly doing internal support for small businesses . I have a foundation in IT but looking to get bachelors in the next few years .
At the time of writing I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get a windows server working correctly on a physical lab environment . In spare time I do all kinds of repair including phones , PC's to appliances and cars - quite a handy guy to know - My Website PC Computer Building Repair Upgrade and more


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Hi, 72 retired and no spare time. Used to belong to other forums that seem to have disappeared, to get answers to problems on my PC. It seems I am number 732, well down the pecking order!


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Hi folks, I’m new to this forum who found it after learning that my PC running Windows Vista is no longer supported by my two most favorite PC security softwares (Kaspersky and Avira). The reason I held onto my old OS thus far is because I’ve a few professional application softwares that work on Vista and didn’t want to run into trouble if I upgrade to latter OS versions, besides I don’t use the PC heavily anyways. I’m a civil engineer by training but have some education in IT and am a Microsoft certified professional in 2003 though I studied by myself all the materials that would have earned me MSCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) and MSCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). I also studied materials that would have earned me CompTIA A+ certification. I currently live in Atlanta, GA but was born and raised in Ethiopia. I currently drive Uber to make a living and I hope to secure a job as Microsoft SQL Developer and then after about 6 to 8 months move onto Hadoop (Big Data) Developer and eventually end up being a top expert and architect of it.

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Hi guys. I am an enthusiastic middle aged amateur computer geek. Been a computer user since 80s but, as a hobbyist, I started late (2000). I am catching up as fast as I can. I build my own machines and always have done. Only ever cremated one motherboard but that was years ago when I used to have a philosophy "If it looks like it fits, it probably does" ha, ha ! I have posted today Here so if any of you guys know the answer I'd love to hear from you. Running Asus 970 aura, AMD8350 @ 4.4gHz, 2x8gB cruicial DDR3 @ 1600, 500gB 970EVOPlus nvme system drive for Win10 1903 and a Crucial 240gB sata ssd for win7pro (occasionally). Another 5tB HDDs for general storage.

PS Issue with my earlier post (this one) solved instantly by Staff Member.

PPS Been wandering through some of the posts. Your (staff) answers are just so good so often. No BS like in so many other forums. Thanks !!!
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Hi all, I'm happy linux user, but will need to work via RDP the next couple of months. That's why I'm here, need to find answers to my several questions. Have a nice day.


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Hello one and all, yet another newbie here, been doing some research and looking at what options I have to avoiding Win 10 as much as possible. :)
With Win 7 support rapidly coming to an end, I was looking to get win 8.1 Pro, and that is proving to be very interesting, with MS support still there for it, yet not selling it. I found a few sellers on Amazon as well as several other sites selling it for less than $50.00, there is a site that is selling it with office 2013 Pro.

Unsure of posting urls of such sites, reason I'm search all options, I bought a copy of office 2013 Pro from amazon and I could not get the product key to activate, the install disc has the MS hologram logo I even have the credit card sized card with the CD Key / product key. Upon talking with Microsoft office tech and screen share as well, I showed them everything I had, I was told that because it was not purchased from MS direct, it could be that I was a victim of a scam.

And this now puts me on edge on spending more Funds for an OS that MS no longer sells but does support, and is why I chose to sign up and see what advice / assistance I could receive.

Excuse the long Post in this thread.