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Good Morning, I have been encountering "critical process died" errors on this machine, a desktop, recently along with one "unexpected store exception". My research pointed me to this forum. W7F is loaded and if I got it set up right, will give milk at some point. During all of this the Realtek LAN Family driver was updated with a noticeable minor improvement though not the desired final result. One final point, these errors occur when waking from sleep, but not every time. Sometimes I think a ballpeen hammer might be in order, but I have refrained. Good day all.

David B Chapman

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Hello ever one , glad to be a part of this. I'm pretty knowable about the PC, but I need to work on networking. Just started a new job with a new company and I'm the IT Tech guy now. 7 computer's and a server. I'm upgrading the windows 7 machines to 10 been having issues with one seeing the server, so I'm sure I will be asking a lot of questions about local networking and servers and the like.
Thank you so much for having me.



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Hi there guys! My name is Brandon and I’m new to the forum. Over the years I’ve mainly used Google as a resource for my misc Windows needs but I’ve been running into some specifics issues, so I thought I’d join the club and see what this forum has to offer.

Thanks for having me!