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Windows 7 Introducing Windows 7


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Jul 22, 2005
Microsoft revealed that the name for its next operating system will be none other than 'Windows 7'. Further explanation was given on the Windows Vista Team Blog:

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Better than "VISTA" IMHO...... Windows Seven would have been better from a marketing perspective....

Hardly matters what they call it though.... :)
Windows 7

As I understand, the naming goes in order.....

Windows 1 (What was 1 anyway? A punch card) ?

Windows 2

Windows 3

Windows NT 4.0 is 4

Windows XP is 5

(How does Windows 2000 fit in? Isn't between 5 and 6 ? Why don't they call it Windows 8) ?

Windows Vista is 6

Windows 7
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I agree with vikas.sm. it really makes no difference what they call it as long as they deliver something good
Well, there are a few views around as to how it got to "7". This is mine!

1. 3.1
2. 3.5, 3.51 (minor update)
3. 4.0
4. 5.0 (2000)
5. 5.1 (XP)/5.2 (Server 03) <- group them together, one client, one server version, just numbered differently
6. 6.0 (Vista)
7. 7.0 (7)
Hey take it easy on us old uns, Celestra. I was a "1" user. But before that, I don't know why they were left out of the numbering system, there was Windows version1, and two versions of Windows 2. There was also a 2.1 computer specific release, for the 286 and 386.Then quickly came Windows 3.0, a bit of a "millenium" release. I used them all and up until 3.1 was seriously considering changing to a Mac.
i'm obviously fairly young then because the first windows release i remember using was Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. and before that I had an Amstrad CPC-464. Oh the glory days are behind us!
Yes. My first was a ZX80, built from a kit. Next came the Commodore. I then experimented for a very brief time with an Apple A and moved on, before the PC came out, to a Sinclair 128. Must admit though, whilst at the time Bill gates was a very interesting and exciting youngster, we were all happy bashing MSdos or even digital research dos (cp/m). Windows was something to look at and play with but hopeless to use.
THe days of the zx81 seem so long ago but it's what,... 25yrs?
1. Windows 1.01
2. Windows 2.0, 2.1x
3. Windows 3.1, 3.5, 3.51
4. Windows 95, 95b, 98, 98SE, ME
5. 5.0 (2000)/ 5.1 (XP)/ 5.2 (Server 03)
6. 6.0 (Vista)
7. 7.0 (7) [Even though the version number is 6.1.X right now)

That's how it goes.
Some people were close.