"IP Address conflict / Unindentified network" Problems...

Hey there I've been without internet now for 2 days on my main vista computer and it is driving me completely nuts. I am unsure what the problem is, I've updated ALL my drivers. I do not have a router, i use a Hub instead. However, I've tried disconnecting the hub and plugging my 100mbit cable directly into the computer. So basicly cable comes out of the wall into my comp :)

Upon that i've tried to uninstall my onboard network card, even "shutting it off" in the bios and restarting etc.
I've tried a hotfix which didnt work because of me having it already apperently or something like that.
Also disabling that IPV6, which only seem to enable a pop up function that tells me i got a IP conflict.

Anyways, I've had this problem before. The ususal fix has been to shutdown the linux server and then reboot my vista computer and then start the server again. However this time nothing seems to work.

Also I installed two patches from Microsoft in the "windows update" upon shutting the computer off which might have helped cause this.
These two:
(KB969497 : Update for IE 8 Compability View list for windows Vista)

Any insights are most welcome.



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Hi! Have you tried setting your network adapter to have "Automatic IP" and "Automatic DNS" ? Maybe its the Network Card ? (check out faulty hardware) 「sonying.blogspot.com ã€Ã‚Â￾: Windows Vista Unidentified Network or Local Access Only What kind of security software do you have? I remember "Norton" used to be a problem that way.....


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View attachment 156 This is only an emergency "Dial-Up" Service. There have been times when it comes in handy.

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