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  1. First of all, i've looked everyone and can't seem to find an answer. I googled and searched this forum. My other computer used to to work fine until this morning. Now I keep getting and error about an ip conflict. Like I said it's working fine before. Just to make sure i just plugged the ethernet cable into my ps3 (which is beside my computer) and it works perfectly. I know it's a problem with my computer. I've tried reseting my ip, reseting my router, nothing works.
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    Spyware and a Virus scan?
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    did you right click the network connection and hit repair??
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    You will likely get this error if both devices are trying to assign themselves the same internal IP address. For example, if two devices are using this will create the conflict.

    You need to make sure both the PS3 and the computer are both using DHCP and not manually assigning the same IP's.

    How to Obtain IP Address and DNS server address automatically under Windows Vista:

    Go to:

    Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center

    Click "Manage Network Connections"

    Find Local Area Connection, double click, go to Properties:

    Double click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

    "Obtain an IP address automatically"

    "Obtain DNS server address automaticaly"
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    This is a message we get on all the computers in our network here if we switch them on in the wrong order.

    Basically, the computer that is our main one and wired into the gateway seems to be the key in our case. if this is switched on and has sorted out it's IP address then other computers that we connect to it with wireless network then just sort themselves out. BUt if the main one has to be reset.restarted then we get this message. Normally it's sorted if we just power them all down and switch on in above order.

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