Is it possible to reset my PC without the installation disk?


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I had my computer custom built for me about 2 years ago from Micro-Center, a computer store near me that sells every PC component you can think of, and they'll put it all together for you too.

My PC is still running fast and does everything I need it to do, but I'm ready for a refresh! Overall, it's slowed down a little, and it's just been flooded over the years with programs and files, etc.

I understand I could uninstall all third-party programs, run ccleaner, etc, but I would really prefer a fresh restore!

I have no system backups more than 2 weeks ago, that's not an option, and my PC running Windows 7 Professional does not give me the option to "restore to factory defaults" like I know some windows 7 Laptops allow.

I do not have the installation disks, but in Control panel I was able to locate my "Windows Activation Product ID"

I'm posting this here to basically, look for opinions. What's best for me? If there ANY way possible to reset windows without the disks, but I have my Product ID? Can I possibly borrow a Windows 7 professional disk from someone and use my Product ID? Is the best option for me at this point to uninstall all software and run ccleaner. ANY other suggestions, I'm open to ANYTHING!

Thanks all!


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Your "Product ID" is not the same thing as your "Product Key"
Under ideal circumstances you should have a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) somewhere, on your machine and if you don't then I'd be talking to MicroCenter to determine what it is and where it's at.
Failing that you can use something like Key Finder by Magical Jelly Bean or License Crawler (just Google).
Can I possibly borrow a Windows 7 professional disk from someone and use my Product ID?
As far as installation media.......
You should be able to obtain a matching ISO (version and bit architecture) from the links here
And use ImgBurn (burn at 4x) to create your own installation media.
I would of course, first create a complete system image, using Acronis (I think you can still get a 30 day free trial from here ) or AOMEI Backupper from here before beginning any such project.

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