Is Media Player 12 really so buggy??


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I'm using Win 7 HP (64) and have had nothing but trouble with Media Player 12.

I have a large library (over 4000 songs) and it just can't handle it. It worked ok to start, imported the songs and 75% even had the correct artwork.

I then went to add the missing artwork and discovered the every single song was duplicated. I closed the program and restarted. Now all my music had gone. It then started to import again.

I added the missing artwork without a problem this time around and listened to a few albums. I then closed the program and logged off for the night.

Next day, all the music was missing again. I folllowed advice here about managing the library, removing, resetting etc. Added all the songs again, got duplicated again then lost the lot.

I have now given up with it and am using Winamp. So far, this has been great, even the artwork is there. I'm pleased Winamp works so well as I didn't want to have to go back to using iTunes.

So, is Media Player 12 really that buggy? Is there a fix for it's flaky running?




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I guess it has been reading my post, as it has been working fine for the last few days. Typical :p

I quit using Media Player 12 a long time ago.

I use AIMP2 media player. It's free and is much more configurable that WMP12.

Try it out, you can get it here: AIMP2: Home Page

It's a Russian website but there is an English button on the upper-right corner.

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