Is my computer able to handle 7?

hello all
as the title suggest, i am wondering if the new windows 7 can handle my old computer with no problems.
First of all;
Mobo: Asus P5kpl-am SE
Proc: Pentium D
Ram: 1gig
Video: the integrated intel g31/g33 express (yes, the one that came with the mobo)
hd: 160gigs
-has internet acess (DSL)

so thats basically it. Im hearing some really good stuff about 7 and would definitely want to try it out. I am NOT a gamer, but my greatest concern would be PERFORMANCE. not just boot and shutdown but will it run in par/ faster than my current xp system?

thank you for taking the time reading this. :D


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You can start at the site below. But even if you show no problems, you still may have some. If I was going to try on an older computer, I think I would backup my current install so I could bring it back if necessary.

Download details: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

it`s very likely to handle, I ve seen a video and they installed w7 into ancient laptop (thickness like 6-7cm).And it worked
Back up all your files to something (strongly suggest ntfs formatted external hard drive) Then do clean install or actually best thing you can do is, partion your hard drive so install w7 as second os (dual boot)
Please note, when you have xp you can clean install w7 either dual boot or as main.But if you install w7 with xp or not then delete xp.Later you decide you want xp back, you can not do that. Xp can recognise w7 but W7 won`t rec xp.
So just make a second partion on your hard drive, install (clean) w7, install al drivers, utilities do necessary updates. Not all xp programs works with w7 so install compatable versions of programs you really need.Well have feel around, once you decide you love it, delete the partion where xp is( after backing up your all personal files) then just go to disk management to merge free space left over from xp drive to be added to ur new w7 drive. Good Luck

thanks for the replies guys.
I will do a full wipe and install with just 7. I have a 40gig external where i will back up all my files.
But before i do that, one thing is making me worried, what about the performance?
will it run as smooth or even better than xp?

BTW, let it be noted that i will turn off aero in 7. Im not much of a fan of aero and it sux up a lot of my tiny video ram.

performance way better than any windows, aero is actually related to your graphics card, you can turn of aero by choosing windows basic theme in customising.Don`t forget to back everything and make sure you copy your drivers and utilities somewhere to install them once you got the windows 7.

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