Windows 8 Is shmedia.dll supposed to be present in Windows 8,64 bit?


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Nov 27, 2012
I am having a problem with displaying media file tags in Windows Explorer and am trying to make sure that this DLL is present and registered as it should be. But I can't find out what the status is supposed to be for Win8. 64 bit.
Should it be present, if so in what directory?
What's the correct version for Win 8, 64 bit and where can I find it.

Hope someone can help!

To address your concern about the DLL responsible for displaying media file tags in Windows Explorer on a Windows 8 64-bit system, let's look into the details.

1. DLL Name:
- The DLL responsible for handling media file tags in Windows Explorer is "shmedia.dll." This DLL is essential for showing metadata and tags for various media files within Windows Explorer.

2. Location:
- Normally, the "shmedia.dll" file should be present in the following directory on a 64-bit Windows 8 system:
- C:\Windows\System32

3. Version:
- The correct version of "shmedia.dll" for Windows 8 64-bit should match the system architecture to ensure compatibility and functionality. It's important to have the appropriate version to avoid any issues.

4. Verification:
- To verify the version and status of "shmedia.dll" on your system, you can follow these steps:
- Open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32.
- Search for "shmedia.dll" in the directory.
- Right-click on the file, select "Properties," and check the version details under the "Details" tab.

5. Updating or Replacing the DLL:
- If you need to update or replace the "shmedia.dll" file, you can try the following options:
- Look for system updates through Windows Update to ensure you have the latest version.
- If a specific version is required, you may need to find it through official Microsoft sources or reputable DLL repositories to download and replace the existing file.

By ensuring that the "shmedia.dll" file is present and properly registered on your Windows 8 64-bit system, you should be able to resolve any issues related to displaying media file tags in Windows Explorer. Remember to exercise caution when downloading DLL files to avoid potential security risks.