Is there a solution after using PCMover and iTunes?

I bought and used PCMover to move from XP to Windows7. Read the instructions and moved a bunch of stuff. I was happy camper. Then two months later, I wanted to buy some new songs for my Ipod..... iTunes is corrupt, instructions say to download and install.
I tried that and..... It first uninstall itunes and get a message that says the installer is 32 bit and needs a 64 bit installer to unininstall current iTunes. I contacted LapLink (PCMover). Their solution is to somehow undo the move (from two months ago), install the 64 bit iTunes (will that install on XP? I doubt it) and redo the move. I was told that PCMover does not work with several other programs.
Is there a way to manually delete the software? I tried the packaged software uninstallers and the three that I tried use the manufactors uninstall package.
Apple support forum suggested using MS installer cleanup, but that does not address the problem with the apple uninstaller....
Any suggestions? Other than "you should not have used the move software"


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Thanks Mike.
I tried the instructions on Apple support last week. The problem is that the PCMover software moves Itunes and all related software, including the installer/uninstaller. So it moves the 32 installer/uninstaller. Now when iTunes tries to uninstall, it is looking for a 64 bit installer/uninstaller... which is not there. This leaves the 32 bit iTunes that is corrupted in place and I cannot install the 64 bit iTunes.
Apparently this is a known problem for PCMover, but they do not warn the user.
I tried using IObit and the normal Revo Uninstaller, both programs use the uninstaller supplied by the program.... so it is back to I am using a 64 bit computer and cannot use the 32 bit uninstaller. I read the details on the Revo Pro and it says the software uninstaller is used..... so that is not going to help.
I do not see a way out of the "catch-22".


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Any chance that you have a restore point before you moved the data to Widows 7?
If you could get back to that point in the registry you could probably just delete all the files and then install the 64 bit version.

Have you tried installing the 64 bit version and directing it to a different location on your computer, I have Itunes installed on my D:\ drive. Sometimes if it is in a different location Windows will see it as a different application altogether and ignore the old one.

You could manually go through the Registry and remove every reference to Itunes, and hope you get the one that blocks installing the new version. To do this just use the search function and let it go from reference to reverence deleting them as you go.

If you do this make a restore point first.

I have just had a similar problem, after uninstalling Norton Ghost because it wouldn't let me run it after installing a new external hard drive, and reinstalling it it will not give me permission to run it, (I get a message that says "You do not have sufficient privileges to run this) after a week of trying to get it to run I have had no luck, and it's all installed! This sort of thing drives me crazy.

As a last resort you could just delete the whole Itunes installation and then run the registry cleaner in CCleaner and hope that it removes all the references that no longer apply.

Probably the only sure way to do it is to reinstall Windows 7 which would mean you would have to reinstall all your software.


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Thanks for the help.
I am just going to do without iTunes. Not a biggie in my life... I did not use it for three months at least.

But the major lesson that I learned is to not use PCMover, it causes problems that LapLink is aware of and does not warn the user.
I just bought my BW (Beatiful Wife) a new computer and was all set to purchase a new license for PCMover.... glad I discovered the error/problem before I shelled out the money.
I will revisit the issue at some point in the future.... but for now, I AM DONE.

my advice is DO NOT USE PCMover unless you like problems.

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