Is there any user-level program that can be used to temporarily install and use a program from virtual installation folders?


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Ok, this might get complicated.
What I want is a user-level program that has the paths to virtual install locations, so I can test install applications without modifying the real program locations. I ideally want to do this in school, so I can play Roblox without actually installing it to the computer.
Roblox runs by clicking on 'Play' in the browser, but doing this runs Roblox from the path it is installed as if installed directly to the system. So what I want to do is run Roblox from a browser, also installed in the virtual location, so instead of running it from the real location of Roblox, it actually runs the version of Roblox from the virtual location, as both are isolated from the system, and thus making it portable (yeah Roblox is not meant to be portable but I want to make it portable by isolating it and putting it into a virtual location), no matter how much the size. Is such an application available?

And no, I do NOT want any virtual machine applications, because they have to be installed to the program files anyway, which I am not allowed to do in school.


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Nothing exists that wouldn't require installing some kind of client or hyper visor component.

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