is there ati radeon 9600 pro driver for windows 7

I have the same problem.
When I install Catalyst 9.11 after reboot, the screen is messed up....
And if I'm not wrong I'he tried to install with vista compatibility and it was the same problem...
I'm not sure, i'll try again, then I'll tell you something

Ive tried everything you guys suggested here, (older drivers, compatibility mode etc) but nothing seems to be working.

I have a radeon 9600 (256mb)
How on earth can I make windows see my graphic card? :S In the control panel I can see it, with the little yellow triangle, but thats it... None of the applications can see, that I have a grapic card...

Thankfully I dont have problems with the display, so nothing is messed up on my screen, I can watch videos, and all, except I cant even run an effing screensaver :S

Any ideas?

Yeah, sure, that was the first I tried.... But Ill try again, maybe I did something wrong...
Nope, doest work :(

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You could try installing via the device manager? As you've already tried to install these drivers they will have been unpacked and sitting on your 'C' drive. Open device manager and rightclick on the graphics adapter, choose properties then update driver. Follow the prompts and then when you see 'Have disk' click on that. Browse to where the driver is situated and choose the 'inf' required.

No, nothing... I guess I should just switch back to XP..... :S I'll do that. Microsoft and ATI stole two days from my life, I wont give them any more. :D

Under Xp, I cant make my sound card to work... So it seems like, that I have two options... I enjoy win7 without a graphic card, or Xp without sound... Lovely :D


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Do you know which chip you have?

No. How can I check it?
The win7 device manager says its Soundmay integrated digital audio. The Xp says its AC97... I tried both drivers under xp, but nothing.
With win7 i didnt have any problems with the sound, since windows installed it automatically.

AC97. But nevermind... I guess I should buy a cheap AGP Nvidia card, which has win7 support, and that would solve the problem.


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Well it's one way to find a solution.. If you need further help then please post back.

Thank you for your help :)

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