Is there Win7 software that simulates OS X desktop animation?


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My iMac has three folders in its dock (Applications, Documents, and Downloads) that uses animation effectively to present a "tree" structure that encourages organization, making it easy to drill down to a specific feature in my system -- and I need organization like that. I would like to do that on my PC. Does anybody know of similar software that will run under Windows 7?


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Hi Bud,
Haven't heard of this. It sounds like an animated version of "MIND MAPS", a research organizational tool for the PC I encountered a few years back during my Graduate Teaching Credential courses at San Diego State. It's interesting that someone developed a tool to take it to the next level (dynamic vs. static) and of course on a Mac. :iee:

Good luck finding it.


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Just on a hunch, I wanted to show you exactly what I have on the Mac that I like. The left one shows you an area of the Applications folder on the dock (a la Windows taskbar), and a click on any .app icon takes you directly to that app. The right one shows you an area of the Documents folder on the dock -- the top level of the tree for all my documents-and-other-stuff. A click on any folder takes you to the next level downward starting with the one you clicked -- effectively an organization chart of all my stuff.

Did you visualize this from my brief description, or am I glad I replied like this?


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I use the free version of Winstep Nexus as a simple dock for my favorite programs.
You can set the animation, background, effects, ...

The "Ultimate version" ($24.95) can do more and is what you want but I never used it...
Maybe worth a look ?